For The Sake Of The Lake

The return of Echo Park Lake to the people this past weekend after an almost two-year closure for renovation, was both a highly anticipated event for those in the surrounding communities, and big enough to warrant coverage by a lot of the local media outlets.

Me? I stayed the heck away on Saturday, opting instead to visit on the far less-hectic day after, with the crowds far less madding and the number of pontificating politicians reduced to zero.

What a beautiful old new place it is. An absolute jewel. My favorite sight? This specimen (click it for the bigger picture):

It did my heart good to see the lotuses once again thriving in the north lagoon.

4 thoughts on “For The Sake Of The Lake”

  1. It was pretty much as crowed and hectic on Sunday as it was on Saturday. It’s settled down a bit today.

  2. Oh awesome. Its back in all its glory. Will they have the Lotus Festival and Dragon Boat races this year. It was a ton of fun when we did it in ’07.

  3. Fantastic photo. I love the flowers and am looking forward to visiting Echo Park.

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