LA Taco Blog Puts The “Urge” In Burger

LA Taco Blog is one of my must-reads. I’m WAY out of its demographic, practically none of its topics are written with anyone of my middle-class unhip ilk in mind, and it covers people, events, things in areas of the greater LA/SoCal region I rarely if ever visit, but I enjoy the hell out of it anyway. It’s like sitting in the back of a clubhouse fulla koolkidz who don’t care you’re there while they talk shop and share shit.

So it was that on a recent click over to their site last month, I found a post extolling the virtues of an eatery called Corner Burger, which is so named because it sits on a street corner on 147th Street a block west of a street called Hawthorne Boulevard. In a city called Lawndale. Which is all a big “Huh?” to me.  You have to understand: up until I googled the place’s address, I had no idea where Lawndale was. A native angeleno and I had not a clue. That’s the way it was and is for me and much that region. I just don’t get out there (unless crawling along the 405 around the South Bay Curve counts — and it doesn’t).

Get this, though: for the last few weeks, I’ve been doing a weekly volunteer thing with spcaLA out at their adoption facility in Hawthorne and yeah… prior to it, I would’ve needed three guesses to pinpoint that independent municipality on a map, too. Seriously, if there’s an intelligence quotient specific to South Bay geography, I shamefully index somewhere deep in the section reserved for complete idiots.

But in this case when I saw Corner Burger was near a boulevard called Hawthorne, and I now had a semi-working awareness of Hawthorne, I presumed that Lawndale might be nearby. Hallelujah, that presumption proved correctalicious.

And so it came to pass after this Tuesday’s spcaLA shift, I ventured famished forth for a late lunch, found Corner Burger and both savored and relished as well as marveled at their entirely delectable work of art commonly known as the Blue Boy Burger ($7; carmelized onions, bacon, mayo, and blue cheese), paired with an order of house fries and a 20oz tasty beverage. Hell, the buttery brioche bun itself is incredible!  So awesome was it all that I’m already conspiring with my wife Susan to quickly make Lawndale and Corner Burger a destination for the second time in my entire life — perhaps as soon as this Sunday.

And you can and should, too (on any of the seven days of the week they’re open, of course).

WHAT: Corner Burger
WHERE: 4437 W 147th St, Lawndale, CA 90260
WHEN: Mon-Wed, Sun 11 am – 8 pm; Thu 11 am – 9 pm; Fri-Sat 11 am – 10 pm
MORE INFO: Yelp; Facebook