Endeavour unites the city for a few moments this morning

September 21, 2012 at 2:52 pm in LA

shuttle endeavor

Endeavor as it makes it pass over JPL...click to embiggen

It was a pretty amazing, pretty much the entire city of L.A. had its eyes to the skies waiting for their glimpse of the shuttle Endeavour as it made its final flight over us.  The anticipation of its arrival started last night when it made its landing at Edwards AFD and the local news was all aflutter with times and locations to view it.

I took the advice of a friend and headed to Altadena to the Gabrielino Trail head at the top of the Arroyo overlooking the JPL campus and the Hahamonga Park.  What a view we had of the area. Gorgeous skies, at least no fog for us up above the Arroyo.  It was hot and sadly I saw at least 3 folks pass out and need ambulances to wheel them out.  The area was jam packed with cars and had gridlocked itself by 11 AM.  L.A. Sheriff had its hands full trying to control the crowds and keep them off the streets. My best guess is that they gave up as they eventually blocked the roads around the trail head and let it fill up with people.  My best guess is that at least 500 folks lined up along  the road over the Arroyo.

When the shuttle finally arrived about 11:50 there was shouts of “there it is” and people started getting excited.  When the shuttle actually flew over us it was all cheers and applause.  Quite the shared moment for humanity.

shuttle in the clouds

Endeavor as it banks away from us at JPL. Click to embiggen

All pics by me, more in my flickr set.

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