Did you film or video the Endeavour today?

I am pretty amazed by the number of YouTube videos or flickr sets of the shuttle Endeavour’s tour of L.A. today.  Did you post any pics or videos today of the Endeavour?  If so please share the links to them in the comments section.

9 thoughts on “Did you film or video the Endeavour today?”

    1. taken from the top of Runyon canyon, by the way. We had multiple passes on either side, plus one that went nearly directly overhead. Minimal crowd and a great atmosphere. Great to see so many Angelenos out enjoying the gorgeous day this morning

  1. I’ve got a Flickr set with a few photos I took from the Columbia Memorial Space Center in Downey.


    Why Downey? All Shuttle design work, crew cabins and aft sections were built at Rockwell, Downey. (Palmdale was final assembly.)

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