Get your grub on at the L.A. County Fair

Chicken Charlies employee
Shrimp served up in a bad can that be for you?

Where to start…maybe the fact that this year Chicken Charlie out did himself, twice? First is a wonderfully spiced shrimp served up with pineapple and rice in a hollowed out pineapple. The second drop dead delicious treat isn’t as healthy as the first. ITS FRIED COOKIE DOUGH. The latter my kids absolutely went nuts over.  The first option, known as Pineapple Express, will only be available at the Chicken Charlie’s outlet at the far west end of Broadway in the park.

I got to go to the Fair’s food preview night the other day, to see all what else I sampled, including BOOZE options you need to make the jump.

In no particular order of role of favorites here’s some of the things we (the lovely Mrs Fraz and I) tasted at the preview night.

10 pound buns Ultimate
10 pound buns Ultimate

10 Pound Buns  To call it a bread pizza is doing this lovely creation an injustice.  These really are more of a tartine….an open faced sandwich if you will.  Slathered with cheese and topped with fresh toppings make it a tasty bit.  They have 9 flavors of their sandwich.  The bread is baked locally daily.  The best of the bunch was the Ultimate topped with pepperoni, onion, tomato and cilantro.  They even have a dessert option that  has nutella and bacon bits all over it.

C’est La Vie  This outlet is wonderful French food.  We opted several of their offerings.  Their quiche Lorraine was pretty amazing, no wimpy crust and thin layer of veggies for this one.  It was nearly 2 inches thick with cheese, spinach and mushrooms all in a rich custard.  For desert we jumped in and had a fresh fruit tart and their chocolate mousse.  The mousse was served up in a strawberry nutella crepe that was formed into a bowl and the edges gilded with dark chocolate, but they didn’t stop there.  The inside of the bowl was filled with fresh strawberries and then the mouse was piped in.  Awesome.

Fresh Fries.  This place does up fresh cut fries with a healthy baked version that took an award at the OC (boo hiss) fair this year.  We opted for the blooming onion and weren’t disappointed.  The dipping sauce was fresh made ranch, not some overly sweet from the bottle stuff.

Harold and Belle to Geau crawfish etouffe
Harold and Belle to Geau crawfish etouffe

Harold and Belle to Geaux  What a gem this place turned out to be.  Fresh cooked creole fare at the fair.  We tried the Crawfish Etouffe, and went back for seconds, it was that good.  The crawfish is either flown in fresh from the Gulf or is farm raised here in CA, what we get depends on what is best at the moment.  Then we topped it off with their bread pudding that is topped with a secret recipe Whiskey Sauce that sets off this 40+ year old recipe just perfectly.

Pink’s  This LA Landmark and one of the stops on the Hot Dog Death March a few years back is a staple at the L.A. County fair.  This years creation that they were serving up to us was the “Matt Kenseth” 9″ stretch hot dog.  This lovely creation is spicy mustard, ketchup, onions, jalapeno’s and guacamole along with Pink’s famed dogs.

Skinny Girl Bar.  This staple in the dieting girls booze closet appears at the Fair as tent serving up their famous Cosmo, Margarita and wines.  I’m not sure how they manage to serve up the flavor while cutting calories but they do.  During the Fair they will also have nibble offered up for sale.

Righteous pour at the wine pavilion
Righteous pour at the wine pavilion

Wine Pavilion  The folks that taste, rate and award ribbons for wine at the fair each year also have a great tasting room set up each year.  If you appreciate good wines this is a must hit event at the Fair.  For us the poured up some really tasty Chardonnay’s and Syrah’s, all 90 point plus winners.

The L.A. County Fair opens today and runs through September 30, 2012 at the L.A. Fairplex in Pomona.  All the details you could ever want about the fair can be found on their website HERE.

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