Hollywood Sign Traffic Jam

I’ve lived in the Hollywood Hills for a while now. Used to be that navigating around the hills was a breeze, slow and easy, like a drive on a country road. Seriously, it was cool.
Not anymore. It’s turned into a crazy, frenetic, traffic-filled, tourist-stopping-in-the-middle-of-the-road-to-take-pictures mess.
In Beachwood Canyon especially. On the overlook up on Mulholland between the obnoxious tour buses, rental cars and hordes of people taking pictures, you take your life in your hands going around the bend. Forget parking laws, people stop suddenly in the street and jump out of their cars blocking traffic, which is a nightmare anyway on the narrow twists and turns. If you ask them kindly to move their car (it is, after all, stopped on a highway on a curve and a true scary traffic hazard) you usually get the finger and some shouting!
Relief may be in sight though.
After many meetings with Councilman Tom LaBonge, and assorted other corporate entities, Google has agreed not to include directions to the area for Hollywood sign seekers anymore. More importantly, most of the major GPS makers (Garmin most specifically) have agreed not to put it in the GPS units that go into rental cars out of LAX and Burbank airport.
It will be interesting to see in this age of people not looking on maps if this helps.
Now, if we could just find a way to eliminate the tour buses. Which are illegal and not supposed to drive (weight limits) on these streets!
Hello traffic control: Want to write some easy tickets? Just hang up there on any sunny day and wait! Tour bus after illegal tour bus will be stop as will lots of illegally parked cars!

12 thoughts on “Hollywood Sign Traffic Jam”

  1. I have friends in the hills and I won’t bitch about the parking as I expect it to be tough. Getting around the tourists just stopped in the middle of the street or standing in the street taking pictures is maddening. Go away. Can’t they just go to the Observatory in Griffith Park and take a picture of the sign from there. Seriously its only a matter of time before we lose a tourist to a traffic accident over one of their bone headed stunts.
    (BTW…nice to see you here again).

  2. I can imagine how frustrating the situation can be for residents, some who’ve gone extreme in posting signage on the theme of “No Tourists Allowed.” Seems like a small victory getting those various companies to block e-directions to the landmark. For one, the route info’s bound to be posted elsewhere on the internet, and even without GPS as their guide that’s never going to stop tourists from roaming the Hollywood hillsides to get as up-close to the sign as possible.

  3. This is definitely one of the strange things about living in La La Land, a/k/a the world’s largest film and tv location. Tourists come and want to gawk at the locations & the actors who populate them on screen. Obviously, though, we’re not a 3rd world country and there’s no need for them to stop in the middle of the road for chickens, sheep, or the Hollywood sign. We pay the police to enforce rules and laws like that, and the cops should do their job.

    That said, taking the area off the maps & GPS altogether seems creepy, draconian, and very Big Brother overkill to me. It also recalls a not so complimentary trend among some locals who try to shut off public spaces (stretches of beach, access to hiking trails in state recreation areas, etc.) to the public.

    I guess I”m a middle of the road guy, although I don’t advocate cars stopping and parking there. Shouldn’t people have the ability to find, drive to, and park legally in designated parking areas at public places?

    1. Matt, I don’t think anyone has a problem with them parking legally. ITs when they stop in the middle of the road, or in areas marked no parking that is a driving lane that is the problem. Worse when they stand in the middle of the road for the best picture of the blasted sign that they are causing the biggest problems. LAPD has plenty to do without having to police knuckleheads, common sense should come into play somewhere here.

      1. Fraz, anyone who is trying to take the areas off the maps & GPS must have a problem with drivers driving to, locating, and finding the area to park legally in the first place. Please re-read my prior comment. While we all agree that stopping & parking in middle of road should be a non-starter (pun intended) & should be strictly enforced, it’s the much more draconian step of taking the areas off the map completely, not even giving drivers a chance to get to the area without stopping in the road, & park legally (assuming there are areas to do so), that creeps me out.

  4. So move. Seriously… tough shit. You live in an area that’s highly trafficked, and will forever be populated with tourists (and even some locals) searching for an opportunity to see an iconic landmark – and most will violate a few city ordinances in the process. Leave them the fuck alone. And please, like you’ve never trespassed, or wouldn’t do something foolish to gain access to a beloved location. Then again, I don’t like the people wandering up + down my street, pushing shopping carts full of crap food, blasting their arrival with a circus horn – so maybe you have a point. Actually no… you’re just whining.

    1. I was wondering if/when that ever-so-fresh argument demanding that the negatively impacted completely surrender to the asshats and transplant themselves would appear.

      1. According to my watch, it appeared on Friday. Now go save the whales, clean the beach, heal the bay, run for a cause (don’t forget the ribbon), help the handicapped, volunteer at a shelter — or better yet, take the correct route to the sign (be sure not to violate anyone’s privacy) and ensure the negatively impacted can still get the right amount of foam on their Caramel Macchiato.

        1. Apologies for failing to register roger’s comment in a more timely manner. I was too busy moving to the beach to save the whales — disabled ones at that (“handicapped” is so 80s).

          1. “Roger Thornhill” (North By Northwest character) isn’t exactly a transportation role model. He drives drunk & crashes into a police car, then sneaks on a train. He also trespasses at a private home and a national park after hours. “Sidney Falco” (Sweet Smell of Success character)? Since he lives in NYC, I’m not sure about his transportation habits. However, he is a sleazy lying press agent. Curious commenter name choices indeed!

  5. i usteo go to the lookout and enjoy view now cant even get in to rest too many tour busses from hollywood blvd la sightseers buses starline they should chaarge them to bring tourist here to our lookout pionts we are residents who dont want this

    1. It’s not taking the area off, it’s taking the directions to the Hollywood Sign at this particular area off. Maybe they could put the directions to the hollywood sign at Hollywood & Highland… you can see it from there and there’s lotsa parking!

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