When A Coyote Calls

Snapped with what amounts to a really old and really low-tech motion-sensor triggered webcam that I set up after our Silver Lake house got hit by taggers last October, I was amazed to find the following stills archived from last month of an entirely brazen coyote stopping by at the decidedly uncoyote-like hour of  11 a.m. for any potential bites in the form of our cats, which would have been far more readily available had they not been inside and staying out of what had been a cold and rainy morning that day (click the the thumbnails to enlargify).

Whoa. I mean, it’s not often you see what amounts to our city’s alpha predator (and even rarer in broad daylight), much less capture images of them acting like its their home, not yours.

3 thoughts on “When A Coyote Calls”

  1. Hey, a pair walked down the middle of Hyperion Avenue at mid-day – they’re all over Silverlake

  2. By the way-

    I saw a bobcat at dusk on the equestrian trail above the Griffith Observatory parking lot

  3. I passed one sauntering along the side of the 134 around noon last Friday. I also saw one in my neighborhood…Toluca Woods…at dusk a few months ago. Not cool.

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