Asahi1We don’t need a guidebook to tell us that some parts of the Los Angeles area are teeming with toys. One such object sits in the Marina del Rey boat harbor, and is now a major feature on the local skyline, even though it floats. It’s the Asahi, a sailboat 184 feet in length, with masts the size of giant redwoods. And it can be yours for a chartered excursion. All you need is a cool $290,000 per week.


Asahi's masts can be seen miles away, but you need a pot of gold to reach them

3 thoughts on “Yacht-see”

  1. No kidding you need a “pot of gold to reach them”. Sheesh I hope that price includes a happy ending.

    1. Thanks, Will. That was taken during last weekend’s weather shenanigans, which now look to be part of a pattern.

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