Congresswoman Judy Chu to speak out against Walmart in Chinatown Friday 3/23, 10AM

March 23, 2012, 10AM, LA City Hall Steps, 200 N Spring Street, Los Angeles

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Congresswoman Judy Chu and API will be speaking on the steps of City Hall before they meet to discuss the “Formula Retail” motion in front of City Council for a vote tomorrow.  Show up and show your support for Congresswoman Chu who is working to support the preservation of China Town.

“Formula Retail” is a motion to prevent Walmart and other big boxes from coming in and changing the character of Chinatown.  Its about preserving the character of the community and its businesses.  Its about preventing the big boxes from coming in and running the existing shops out of business.

After the jump is a copy of the motion for “Formula Retail”, if after you have read it and believe in its purpose please contact your City Council Person and ask them to vote for it.

Also at the end of this article is a copy of the Llaanepress release on the topic.  It is an interesting read.  I can tell you first hand I have watched a few downtown’s die with the arrival of Walmart over the years.  It isn’t pretty watching one business and its big tax base wipe out the small businesses that thrived in an area prior to its arrival.

formula retail motion
Formula Retail Motion
Llane Press Release
Llaane Press Release

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