Make Way For The Expo Line

Go ahead, call me a train geek, I won’t deny it. While biking toward downtown along Exposition Boulevard yesterday, I got my camera out just in time to catch a brand spankin’ new Expo Line train on the move eastbound (raced by a hearse of all things). The line is not yet open to the public and there is yet a firm date set as testing of it continues, but this was sure a purty sight to see.

UPDATE (3.23): Streetsblog Los Angeles reports that an April 28 opening date for the Expo Line has been announced!

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  1. Yeah…a small step in the bigger picture for a rail transit system for the city that works. I still however wish we’d have one that runs from the SGV to the SFV as that route is heavily traveled by many, including me. Great find, thanks for sharing.

    1. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen any such proposal in any of the MTA’s long-term plans. To stay at or above grade for light rail would require a pretty zig-zag route that would likely be pretty slow (and run through low-density neighborhoods that would likely be resistant to having such trains run through it), and tunneling is prohibitively expensive (to say nothing of possible earthquake faults). I’m studying urban planning and have actually tried to come up with a plausible route…and I have to say it’s pretty damn tough, even though I too think it would do a world of good since the 134 and 210 are so heavily traveled.

        1. That project refers to a north-south bus route through the Sepulveda pass, a route that undoubtedly would benefit from well-planned public transportation, but Frazgo was referring to an east-west route connecting the San Fernando Valley to the San Gabriel Valley. A completely different route/project altogether.

  2. The Militant sees them all the time pulling into 7th St/Metro Center! B>

    But way cool, the last time The Militant biked along the Expo Bike Lane, he didn’t see any test trains. And you saw a three-banger too! (A three car, maximum capacity train in other words).

    Unfortunately, the Expo Line may not or may not be open in time for the Los Angeles Times’ Festival of Books at USC.

  3. I once had hope that the Expo Line would be completed. Now I realize that the city has reached a new level of torturing its citizens… It is just going to run empty trains 19 times a day for the rest of time.

  4. Thanks for posting this, Will! I’ve been meaning to shoot pics & post about the Expo line for months. There’s what looks like a huge station & overpass as the train elevates near La Cienega & Jefferson. I also enjoy crossing Exposition Blvd. at various places, seeing the fences with green covering, & glancing to check out the progress. At the eventual terminus at 4th and Colorado in Santa Monica, there’s not much more than a large flat square of fenced-in dirt where the old Sears Auto center used to stand. I’m really looking forward to riding in those gleaming new trains, and hoping they will improve the quality of life a bit in our area.

  5. The Pasadena-Glendale-Burbank-North Hollywood route would indeed fill a gap in our rail system, but Chimichanga says, it’s a “tough” nut to crack. And there aren’t any abandoned or little-used old rail lines to follow. Running the track structure down the middle of the 134 Freeway might work, but much of that route is away from traffic-generating areas. I used to comment to my older daughter, when she worked in Glendale, that such a line would be useful to her (a San Gabriel Valley native), but now she works in central LA and takes Metrolink, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year.

  6. Metro just announced, without much fanfare, that phase I of the Expo Line will open on April 28th. A week too late for the Festival of Books…but at least we finally have a firm date!

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