ICME: Better than Pee Wee’s bike

pink fur
Pink Fur Covered Bicycle in SaMo - click to embiggen

I spotted this PINK fur covered bike in Santa Monica yesterday afternoon near the Promenade.  I loved this bike, totally impractical but so expressive.  I stuck around a bit for the owner to find out the why’s and how’s but unfortunately I had to split for a meeting before they showed.

Pretty Terrific stuff there.

4 thoughts on “ICME: Better than Pee Wee’s bike”

  1. Not sure if it’s one of the same ones, but I’ve seen a man and women riding matching pink fur-covered beach cruisers in downtown SaMo before.

    Also, not sure how impractical this is, aside from the fuzz likely getting pretty dirty, especially on the chainstays and near the bracket.

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