Win Tickets to Beats Antique at Club Nokia

Try describing Beats Antique to someone that hasn’t experienced them and you end up talking about a kaleidoscope of styles.
It’s Electronica, No! it’s Middle Eastern, wait, it’s Down-tempo, maybe Afro-Beat? There’s an amazing bellydancer and her team, there’s sometimes a crazy Marching Band, occasionally a wild explosion of live puppet dancers, jazz. What the hell is it?

Divine. Going to a Beats Antique concert is always an experience, kind of psychedelic, kinda dreamy…always fun.
If you want to get in on the action for FREE just give us your description of what describes their vibe onstage. Best four descriptions get free tickets for this Friday nights show on the 30th at the Club Nokia.
Do it now, cuz we have to make a decision and give these tickets away! Make sure when you sign in you leave us your email so we can contact you if you win (it’s not published!)

If you don’t win, you can buy tickets here.
Along with Beats Antique, Emancipator, Random Rab and Lynx are hitting the stage.
Beats Antique was formed by two rad musicians Tommy “Sidecar” Cappeland, David Satori and a hip-hop belly dancer named Zoe Jakes. Their performances defy description! But give it your best shot!

7 thoughts on “Win Tickets to Beats Antique at Club Nokia”

  1. I’d like to win to :) best descriptions would have to be electronic, folk (?), artistic, and art rock :)

  2. Best I can describe their wonderful music is world tribal electronica with an awesome downtempo groove! Would love to see them for a pre-NYE party!

  3. While wandering through the backmarkets of Morocco, you enter what seems to be a dimly lit bordello with pashmina tapestries covering the walls. The drone of middle eastern drumming draws you in deeper as you realize that this is no brothel, but instead a secret disco. The air is thick with spice: coriander, white pepper, cloves. A man offers you a drag from the large hookah at his table as you relax and enjoy the thumping rhythms of Beats Antique.

  4. I’d call it ElectroWorldbeat with extra Awesome. I got turned on to Beats Antique just last year, and would love, Love, LOVE a chance to see them live!

  5. The moment beats antique touches your ear, u immediately become lost in a world of pure erotica. It’s intensity flows through u like a surge of uncontrollable energy taking your heart for a rollercoaster ride. It’s electronica, it’s sensual, it’s world, it’s psychedelic, it’s hip hop, it’s alive, it’s jazz, it’s a revolution of music. It’s Beats Antique!

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