All NoHo Wanted for Xmas


Was a brand spanking new Laemmle theater with seven screens. Santa delivered! Wednesday night the NoHo 7 theater, newest addition to LA’s awesome “we’re not afraid of subtitles” Laemmle chain.

Wednesday just so happened to be the last night of a friend-of-a-friend’s visit to LA, and so when we tried to narrow our options for how to best entertain him, breaking in our new neighborhood theater seemed like a clear front-runner.
The theater was quite nice, and it still has the new construction smell. The film selection, for anyone who is not familiar with the Laemmle chain, is probably precisely what you would imagine from a theater chain that prides itself on not being “afraid of subtitles.” The overall feel of the place, for those who are familiar with the Laemmle, is not quite what we’ve grown accustomed to at the Encino and Fallbrook locations, but can best be described in comparison to those other locations as simply “clean.” But don’t fret; thanks to the staff, the place seems to retain some sense of character in spite its cleanliness.
So next time you’re in the East Valley and looking for a reason not to kill yourself movie to entertain yourself, check out Laemmle’s NoHo 7. I think you won’t regret it.

6 thoughts on “All NoHo Wanted for Xmas”

  1. Very cool to see Laemmle’s thriving with the new space (and certainly I’m excited at the exposure those new screens will give films that would be ignored by other chains), but I still mourn the passing of the Laemmle Grande 4-plex downtown, which was shuttered pretty much upon the arrival of the Regent Cinemas at LA Live a couple years ago. Granted the Grande in the basement below the Marriott Hotel on Figueroa didn’t offer a state-of-the-art viewing experience, but that to me was part of its cheap charm.

  2. This Burbank resident is excited to have a new Laemmle theater in the neighborhood–but it is with some dismay that I notice that the films playing this week are all “mainstream” enough to be playing at the giant AMC in Burbank… (And none of them are subtitled, I might point out…)

    1. Well, if there were enough of you to sustain non-mainstream movies… they would be listed don’t you think?

  3. super excited this theater is in the neighborhood, while the films may be playing at other mainstream theaters I love the coziness of the Laemmle chain over any AMC any day. We had a very positive experience when we saw a movie on Friday and look forward to many repeat visits.

    @Will, I do miss the Grande 4 for it’s cheap charm too.

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