Maptastic: 1932 Los Angeles!

One of my favorite blogs to wander through is the Big Map Blog, which finds and shares truly exquisite historic cartography from all over the place — Los Angeles included, of course. Witness their most recent ridiculously detailed find from 1932: “Greater Los Angeles — The Wonder City Of America” from the Metropolitan Surveys company:

Click the above to enlargify it a bit, but if you wanna truly pore over aaaaall those details* in their high-resolution glory than boogie on over to its Big Map Blog page and download away!

* Such as a very interesting omission: the entire Los Angeles River.


8 thoughts on “Maptastic: 1932 Los Angeles!”

  1. I live in Belmont Shore and it always annoyed me that some people I know call it “Belmont Shores”, adding the plural to Shore. Apparently this practice has a long history, going by this map which reads “Belmont Shores”! Interesting.

    1. I admit I’m one of those pluralizers, but I’ll try to mend my ways now that I know better. Other goofs are pretty easy to find once you start digging around: La Brea Avenue is misspelled La Brae, Wrigley Field is oriented upside down; and Brown Mountain in the San Gabriels is identified as “John Brown Park,” but the lower peak above Altadena was named after the abolitionist’s brother Owen who settled around there in the 1880s.

        1. Chinatown is actually in the right place for 1932, before being moved to make way for Union Station. At the time it was next to long-lost French Quarter of Los Angeles, denoted by the placement of “Paris Inn” next to City Hall.

          As usual with many historic maps I’ve seen, my home of Highland Park is omitted completely, not much touristy stuff to do I guess. What caught my eye was how much oil, rubber and automobile industry we once had.

          1. Just figured out this 1934 map mystery: “Yagoda Sat-Sanga Hindu-American Temple” = “The Self-Realization Fellowship Center” on top of Mt. Washington.

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