Two Days, Two Holiday Boat Parades

Boat Channel
Marina Boat Channel by day

If you’re an L.A. lover of the life aquatic, you’re in luck: this weekend, we’ve got two boat parades in a row.

First up, on Saturday, December 10, is the Marina Holiday Boat Parade at the Boat Channel in Marina del Rey. The boat parade, where the vessels are decked out in lit holiday splendor, begins at 6 p.m., preceded by a fireworks show at 5:55, which some people may be eager to see after the annual July 4 fireworks display was canceled due to budget cuts. There will be judging in various categories for the boats. See the first link above for all details.

Then on Sunday, December 11, the Venice Canals right down the street will play host to their own boat parade. This parade, which starts at 4:30 p.m. (boat lineup at 4), will feature decidedly smaller boats due to the smaller waterways, but the intimate setting is sure to provide your monthly dosage of quaintness. Awards will be given for the best-decorated boats, and the fine print in the flyer (see link) indicates that the bridge and home decorations will be judged the day before at 4 p.m., so you could check that out before the Marina Boat Parade on Saturday if you’re really ambitious. Some of those homes along the canals are famous for their amazing Christmas light displays, which may be up, or at least in the process of going up, by now. Who says quaint can’t be a bit blingy too?

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  1. I went to this a couple years ago. I honestly thought it was going to be lame to it turned out to be really cool. Some people go overboard decking their boats out! HAHAHA..get it?? Ha…..Ha….yeah

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