Menu Mining: “Chicken” and Pancakes at Green Leaves

Before the first time I ever visited Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, I had a bit of a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of eating fried chicken alongside breakfast food. Well, aside from buttermilk biscuits, I suppose, which are a fine addition to any meal, any time of day.

That being said, I tried Roscoe’s, and I was immediately won over by it. So when I joined some friends for a meal at Green Leaves (an establishment that has previously been challenged about being truthful regarding its menu) and discovered that they had “Chicken” and Pancakes on the menu, I had to give it a shot.

The verdict on this menu choice is in: I have ordered nothing else during all of my subsequent visits to Green Leaves, and so it seemed worthy of a Menu Mining post here at Blogging.LA. It purports to be vegan, and even gluten-free, but I make no claims about its value in either of those respects. The “chicken” has a nice crispy breading and tastes simply wonderful, especially when dipped twice the way I was first taught at Roscoe’s: once in the spicy and once in the sweet. Sure this isn’t Louisiana Red Rooster hot sauce, but it does the trick.

If you happen to be in Los Feliz or West Hollywood and looking for something different, don’t hesitate to check out the “chicken” and pancakes. The pancakes are also available in tropical version, if you’re into the fruity stuff.

5 thoughts on “Menu Mining: “Chicken” and Pancakes at Green Leaves”

    1. Nice! I’ll have to check them out sometime. I saw in your post that the sister restaurant also has the Rock and Roll noodles, which I almost mentioned in this post. (It’s the other menu item that someone in my party inevitably orders when we visit Green Leaves.)

  1. Reading this while having a growling stomach was not a good idea. Thinking of chicken and waffles from Roscoe’s is making my mouth water. I’m going to have to give the chicken and pancakes a shot.

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