Win Family 4 pack of Tickets to L.A. Auto Show

The good folks at the L.A. Auto Show hooked me up with a Family 4 pack of tickets…that’s admission for 4 to this years show that will run November 18-27 at the Convention Center.  You’ll need to read the whole post in order to get to the details on what to do to win.

I’m really jazzed that the L.A. Auto Show has invited me back for Press Days this year which is this Wednesday and Thursday.  There is so much going on with some 50 premieres set for those days.  Add in the Green Car of the Year award and the press days driving of the green cars there is much to do and tell about.

Among the things I’ve got going on includes an interview with the GM head of Electric Vehicles set for Weds AM.  With Electric Vehicles, “EV” in trade talk starting to show up here on the L.A. roads I have more than a few questions to ask him on the topic.  First and foremost is with L.A. considered one of the most EV ready cities in the country, what all does GM have in store to make them appealing to us and actually get us in those machines.

There will be a Sneak Preview night, it is pricey but the cost of admission goes to support Homeless Health Care Los Angeles and One Voice.  This is a great way to be wined and dined (well hors d’ouvres actually) while enjoying the Auto Show without the usual crowds. I”m sorely tempted to go as it is helping a couple of good causes which makes it worth the cost of admission.

Bringing the family to the auto show is actually a pretty good idea.  Once the little ones tire of looking at the shiny new cars and concepts they can be dropped off at the Kids Zone.  The Kids Zone is a regular institution at the L.A. Auto Show at this point.  It is a safe place, ID needed to check them in and out.  I dropped my kids off there for just that reason when they were under 12.  Its a safe place with arts and crafts, bouncey houses and such to keep them occupied while you enjoy the rest of the show.

Now for the contest.  I already mentioned that I get to interview a GM exec about EVs. What questions would you like answered?  The best question…on topic I get will win the tickets.  Contest closes Tuesday at 6pm at which time I’ll announce the winner and contact them for your mailing address to send out the tickets.    For this reason make sure you comment with an email addy I can access.

For all the information you could want about this years L.A. Auto Show you can get it at their web HERE.

10 thoughts on “Win Family 4 pack of Tickets to L.A. Auto Show”

  1. the cars are pretty cool, but what kind of infrastructure help is forthcoming? los angeles is a land of apartment dwellers. there is no where in my apartment garage to plug in. there are many areas with street only parking. has any outreach been made to home builders to start including the proper infrastructure in parking garages and apartment complexes? a similar campaign would need to be made for existing complexes and parking lots.

    1. I agree that something needs to be in place that has new construction including the basic wiring for EV Charging in both single family and mulitfamily, regardless if condo or apartments in the L.A. Area. That however is a task for the Gov or Mayor to see to the legislation needed to make it happen.

      1. i just don’t feel there is enough focus or info coming from the car manufacturers to inform the public what is needed. yes the push will come from government, but i don’t feel the reach out to consumers on the need for this, so legislators will continue to do nothing until the public screams for the need.

        1. i guess my point is what is being done to make these less of a curiosity, and more accessible to everyone? as i see it because the infrastructure isn’t there, theses cars are mostly restricted to homeowners, or apartment dwellers who are able to find apartments with a parking situation that allows plugging in and willing to keep moving with in the constraints of EV friendly apartments.

  2. Do you consider going into the electric vehicle market a temporary fix to show progress as a car company since the world takes notice of “green” initiatives or is it really the way of the future?

    *if follow up counts, otherwise, disregard*

    In your opinion, regardless of how “green” a technology is, what is the most feasible energy alternative that will have the ability to sustain marketability for GM in the future?

  3. There are many studies that claim EVs produce the same or similar amounts of carbon emissions as a modern fuel-efficient vehicle [i.e. gasoline produces less carbon emissions than the coal used to produce the electric energy that runs a EV]. Are you taking these studies in consideration, and if so, what is GM doing, so their EVs have less carbon runoff than a fuel-efficient gasoline-run vehicle? How will your company make EVs a clearly better choice for those who care about being more environmentally friendly?

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