ICME: Graffiti-esque Marketing in Hollywood

Greatness Doesn't Ask Permission graffiti
If that's the case, I hope you had permission for these decorations...

Driving up Cahuenga in Hollywood the other evening, my compadres and I spotted this odd-looking house strewn with a variety of dummies, some of them holding cans of spray paint. While it was still technically the week of Halloween, my feeling was that we were well into the month of November, so Halloween should be over and done with already. (more pics after the jump)

Closer inspection revealed that this was not necessarily strictly Halloween decor, but instead a promotional stunt for DJ Skee and his Skee.TV marketing brand. Yawn.

Nevertheless, here are a few crappy cell-phone shots of mannequins, a big unscannable QR code, and an atrocious paint job.

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