Does this Clash Clash with my Bridge?

StrummerIn the area of Marina del Rey known as Grand Canal Lagoon stands a foot bridge that locals use to get from this sleepy part of the neighborhood to the relatively empty beach south of the Venice Pier. However, observant strollers will notice that, on the south wall of the bridge, a pensive Joe Strummer stares off into the distance, towards the beach.
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I Took A Picture Of Gary Leonard Taking My Picture

After the press conference this afternoon to celebrate the completion and opening of Los Angeles’ first-ever buffered and bright green Class II bike lane running on Spring Street between Cesar Chavez Avenue and 9th Street, the cyclists in attendance then inaugurated the wonderful thing with a bike ride upon it. During my second lap my timelapsing handlebar-mounted bike cam snapped the above shot as I passed great Los Angeles photographer Gary Leonard crouched as he snapped me. Of course I yelled “Take my picture, Gary Leonard!” while rolling by.

Menu Mining: The Oinkster

oinkster pastrami
Oinkster Pastrami with Fries and Garlic Aioli

The Oinkster in Eagle Rock was our stop for dinner last night after the Auto Show. I learned about this place from my neighbor who gets around the city even more than I do. I was impressed.

Not being shy about hurling superlatives let me tell you that the “Oinkster Pastrami” was just about the best, scratch that, The Best pastrami sandwich I have ever had.  It is your classic corned beef that is hand pickled and roasted there.  It is the perfect blend of spice to slow cooked beef flavor without being too salty to enjoy.  It is on a french roll with sauteed onions, melty Gruyere cheese and red cabbage slaw.

Even the fries aren’t standard fast food fries. They are billed as Belgian Fries” and are double dipped for a nice crunch.  They are served with a nice garlic aioli…nice because yes you taste the garlic but its not so strong that it kills your taste buds for anything else. Continue reading Menu Mining: The Oinkster

L.A. loves its cars and the Electric Car is our future.

Cadillac ELR
Cadillac ELR formerly known as the Converj coming to us soon.

Wednesday I got to meet up with GM exec Jim Federico, Executive Director of Engineering, Electric Vehicles at the L.A. Auto Show. I got to ask some of my own questions as well as those you readers posed as part of the ticket contest I was able to run. It was an interesting visit, certainly a lot of information with some answers as well. Where to start with the questions and answers is my big dilemma.

Al Pavangkanan posed the question regarding new battery technology. Jim couldn’t give specifics of what they have in store but did say that they are working with the battery suppliers to develop new technologies that will give us more power for the size compared to what we have now. The problem all the manufacturers have run into is that there isn’t a rush to develop batteries as there isn’t really a market demand for them yet in quantities to offset their costs. Those costs affect what we pay for an EV now, but as demand increases, production increases there will be more incentive to develop new battery technology and help lower costs.  Continue reading L.A. loves its cars and the Electric Car is our future.

Irony Alert: Avoiding the Traffic to Get To and From the Car Show

MINI Coupe
MINI Coupe: all fun, no mess

Like many Los Angeles area folks, I’m crazy about cars. Fortunately, I’m able to incorporate my love into my work, and covered the L.A. Auto Show on Press Day 1 yesterday. Unfortunately, my day was ruled as much by the cars on the roads outside than by the shiny new models inside the Convention Center.

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Menu Mining: “Chicken” and Pancakes at Green Leaves

Before the first time I ever visited Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, I had a bit of a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of eating fried chicken alongside breakfast food. Well, aside from buttermilk biscuits, I suppose, which are a fine addition to any meal, any time of day.

That being said, I tried Roscoe’s, and I was immediately won over by it. So when I joined some friends for a meal at Green Leaves (an establishment that has previously been challenged about being truthful regarding its menu) and discovered that they had “Chicken” and Pancakes on the menu, I had to give it a shot.

The verdict on this menu choice is in: I have ordered nothing else during all of my subsequent visits to Green Leaves, and so it seemed worthy of a Menu Mining post here at Blogging.LA. It purports to be vegan, and even gluten-free, but I make no claims about its value in either of those respects. The “chicken” has a nice crispy breading and tastes simply wonderful, especially when dipped twice the way I was first taught at Roscoe’s: once in the spicy and once in the sweet. Sure this isn’t Louisiana Red Rooster hot sauce, but it does the trick.

If you happen to be in Los Feliz or West Hollywood and looking for something different, don’t hesitate to check out the “chicken” and pancakes. The pancakes are also available in tropical version, if you’re into the fruity stuff.

Classic Eats #15: Take 2!

Classic EatsOkay, here we go again. My plan is to revive Classic Eats this coming Saturday, November 19th. Please join me, and hopefully others, at The Red Lion Tavern in Silver Lake.

The Red Lion Tavern in Silver Lake is a German Gasthaus and Beer Garden that was established in 1959 as an English pub. When the ownership changed in 1963, it took on its German theme. There’s food, lots of beer, and atmosphere at the Red Lion. Come out this Saturday, November 19th at 6:30pm to have a bite to eat, a drink, and hang out with writers and readers of If you missed a chance to celebrate Oktoberfest, now you can!

Classic Eats #15
Saturday, November 19th at 6:30pm

Red Lion Tavern
2366 Glendale Blvd 
Los Angeles, CA 90039-3209

The Red Lion Tavern is about 5 miles north of downtown L.A. It’s located just south of Silver Lake Boulevard. Limited parking is available in lots on either side of the building. There is also plenty of street parking in the vicinity. Leave a comment or drop me a line if you plan to attend so I know how many seats to snag.

Win Family 4 pack of Tickets to L.A. Auto Show

The good folks at the L.A. Auto Show hooked me up with a Family 4 pack of tickets…that’s admission for 4 to this years show that will run November 18-27 at the Convention Center.  You’ll need to read the whole post in order to get to the details on what to do to win.

I’m really jazzed that the L.A. Auto Show has invited me back for Press Days this year which is this Wednesday and Thursday.  There is so much going on with some 50 premieres set for those days.  Add in the Green Car of the Year award and the press days driving of the green cars there is much to do and tell about. Continue reading Win Family 4 pack of Tickets to L.A. Auto Show

Redondo Beach Man reunited with his 1965 Chevy SS
File this under found on road alive.  A Redondo Beach man bought the car new in 1964 and had it for 20 years before he sold it. His sons went upon the quest to find the car and return it to him. The quest led across the country where they finally found the car on a lot in Canada. They bought it and returned it to him as a gift.

In the land that rust forgot what old car from your past would you like to have back?  For me its a mixed bag but the one I regret selling the most that I’d love to have back is my old ’72 Centurion which took us on many a road trip to the beach and shows all over the L.A. area.

Theater Review: East West Players present Julia Cho’s “The Language Archive”

I should begin with the caveat that I have never reviewed a play before.

And while I enjoy going to the theater from time to time, I would hardly consider myself an informed critic.

And now that I’ve gotten my excuses out of the way, I’m happy to say that I really enjoyed the opening night performance of “The Language Archive,” which took place last night at the David Henry Hwang Theater in Little Tokyo.

The play is an exploration of how love, language, meaning, and relationships intersect, all portrayed through a mix of humor, philosophical meanderings, and emotional gravity. The East West Players did a very nice job hitting these various notes through most of the play, with my personal favorites being Ryun Yu as George and Jennifer Chang as Emma. Continue reading Theater Review: East West Players present Julia Cho’s “The Language Archive”

Asteroid 2005 YU55: Didja See That Thing?

Yeah, me neither. For being the largest close-approach asteroid in the history of history, 2005 YU55 wasn’t that easy to see when it zoomed its 1,300-foot diameter between earth and the moon through very clear evening skies November 8.

But a Flickr contact of mine, Edhiker, did. Ed’s both an awesome hiker, prolific photographer and a whiz with a telescope, and this is how 2005 YU55 looked passing over Los Angeles via 38 separate exposures made into a 40 second movie showing the asteroid’s movement from 7:20 to 7:23 p.m., 11/8/11.

Asteroid 2005 YU55, a movie

If the embed’s broken, you can view it here.

Rockaway Beach to Venice Beach: Marky Ramone Hawks his Sauce at Whole Foods

Marky Ramone getting some California Sun

East Coast vs. West Coast rivals laid down their Glocks and picked up spoons last Saturday, as Marky Ramone, former drummer of the Ramones, flew in from Brooklyn to the Venice Whole Foods to promote his new pasta sauce. The sauce is called Marky Ramone’s Brooklyn’s Own Pasta Sauce, a fittingly complicated name from someone whose job it was to keep time for the rapid Ramones.

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This Weekend: Inaugural LA EigaFest

It somehow didn’t hit my radar until just now, but this weekend the Japan Film Society is hosting its first-ever LA EigaFest. The films will screen at the Chinese Theaters, kicking off Friday night with the West Coast premiere of Milocrorze: A Love Story (which looks like it’s going to be amazing) and closing out on Sunday with a 2011 remake of the Japanese classic, Hara-Kiri. If you don’t already have plans for the weekend, this looks like a lot of fun. I’m going to try to make it to at least one screening if I can.