GTD This Weekend: Tricks and Treats

The Heritage Square Museum at night.

This weekend: Halloween.  And no, take it from the misanthropic me: you can’t seem to get away from it even if you try.


  • Do you like scary movies?  For you, then, Halloween.  And American Cinematheque’s Sixth Annual Dusk-to-Dawn Horrorthon: that’s right, scary movies, all-night, from dusk to dawn.  Pet Sematary and Just Before Dawn will be screened to scare you witless.  Fun times.  $20.  Screaming starts at 7:30pm at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica.
  • So it’s not that Comic-Con, but the Long Beach Comic Con still has a stellar line-up.  John Carpenter will be there signing all sorts of merch, and there will be a panel exclusively about The Simpsons‘ “Treehouse of Horror” annual Halloween episodes.  Better than going to San Diego, for sure.  $25. All day Saturday and Sunday at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach.  
  • While you’re down in Long Beach anyway, why not join the Long Beach Zombie Walk?  Not just any zombie walk: this one, the organizers hope, will set the Guinness World Record for world’s largest zombie gathering and world’s largest choreographed “Thriller” Mass Dance.  No, I don’t know who makes up these categories either.  Free.  Festivities start at 2pm at the Promenade in Downtown Long Beach.
  • Totally over Halloween already?  Go, then, to the Green Festival, where you can avoid those stubbornly eco-unfriendly haunted houses, toxic makeup, and plastic costumes and instead trick and treat yourself with environmentally designs and technology.  I know, it’s not easy being green.  $10.  11am to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday at the Convention Center in Downtown.
  • So you don’t like scary movies, now what?  Now you go to LACMA’s Price-a-Thon 100, a screening of six classic Vincent Price films, including House of Wax and The Fly.  Ok, these are a little scary.  Sorry.  Free!  The screenings start at 1pm at LACMA.
  • If the Hollywood Farmers Market isn’t part of your Sunday morning routine, you can fix that right quick by stopping by this Sunday morning for a little bit of Pumpkin Decorating.  The market will have pumpkins, decorating kits, and even face painting for the kiddies.  And then Halloween can officially begin.  Free.  9am to noon at the Hollywood Farmers Market in Hollywood.
  • The Heritage Square Museum is, like so many great things in this city, a hidden gem: tucked away at the top of a random dead end next to the freeway, the museum actually is a line of beautifully preserved Victorian homes.  Its family-friendly Halloween and Mourning Tours will show you death and mourning rituals in the Victorian era, as well as appropriate games, crafting, and pumpkin-patching.  $10 adults/$5 children.  Noon to 4pm at the Heritage Square Museum, 3800 Homer Street in a nook right off the 110 freeway in Los Angeles.

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  1. I watched House of Wax for the first time recently, on TCM I think, and it was good creepy fun. Vincent Price was his usual campy self, but not too over the top. And a surprise appearance by Charles Bronson as Price’s mute assistant Igor.

  2. Damn, I missed this! Definitely something I would have been interested in checking out. Was it worth it? Did you go?

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