Blogging (in) LA: Nutty Nomads

Nutty Nomads

Perhaps this one would be more accurately described as “Vlogging” (in) LA, but I think it still applies. I had the pleasure of meeting the Nutty Nomads at the Kalbi Burger Challenge, and have been planning to write them up ever since. Their LA-based videos cover a variety of cultural events and popular attractions, such as the Japanese Obon Festival, Ciclavia, and the San Diego Zoo. (Okay, so they’re not all LA-based videos, but it’s still entertaining!)

Here’s how the Nutty Nomads describe themselves:

Cristina and Daniela are sisters with a passion for travel, food and video production. Mixing those three elements together, the Nutty Nomads were born! Our only wish is that we can provide our audience with fun and interesting content that they will watch again and again!

And here’s a blooper reel that will give you some sense of just how nutty they really are:

They seem to just be getting started with their trade this year, but based on what I’ve seen so far I’m sure that following them will be a nice way to experience some of the great things LA has to offer from the safety and comfort of your own cubicle. Now, get back to work.

Keep up the good work, Nomads!