Sierra Madre Playhouse presents To Kill A Mockingbird

We all know the story for required reading in High School.  To Kill A Mocking bird is set in 1935, the rural south and told from a child’s point of view.  It is about a black man accused of raping a white woman and exposes the racism of the period.  This cast gave a wonderful rendition of the play on their small intimate stage.

What I didn’t know is what a great little venue the Sierra Madre Playhouse is for such a play. It is small enough that you have an up close and personal view of the stage no matter where you are in the room.  The seats are nice and comfy stuffed theatre seats…though they are covered in bright red mouse fur.  Parking is ample and free near the theater.  One caveat, they don’t do assigned seating, rather its by cattle call Ala Southwest so you do need to be in line early in order to get the best seats.

I’ve been here in the SGV for many years and often heard of the Sierra Madre Playhouse, just never had the time to get there until last night for the short trek up the hill to see them.  If To Kill A Mockingbird is an indication of the quality production they do I’ll be back.  More information on Sierra Madre Playhouse’s presentation of To Kill A Mockingbird just pop onto their web link HERE.

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  1. Haven’t been in years, but back last century when I wrote a theater column for paper in Pasadena I frequented the SMP on several occasions, almost always pleased with what was presented. A true treasure of Sierra Madre, I’m glad to see they’re still going strong.

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