8 Days and counting until the Great California Shake Out.

The Great California Shake Out
The Great California Shake Out

Are you ready to Drop, Cover and Hold on?  Mark your calenders for 10/20 at 10:20AM for the next installment of the Great California Shake Out.  This is an annual quake drill on a statewide level and there is much going on in L.A. for the event.  Not signed up yet to participate?  There is time to do so on their web page HERE.

Its been over 17 years since our last big quake here in L.A. (Northdridge 1994 to be precise).  Many here don’t remember the shaking or waiting for sometimes days for water and power to be restored.  The Shake Out is about more than just riding out the shaking, its about preparing to be a survivor in the time one waits for help to arrive.  Their 7 Steps are outlined in their web.  In short be prepared to be on your own until help arrives.For me October Shake Out prep involves going back through the Earthquake kit, updating food, batteries and water that have gone stale over the last year.

There are a lot of activities planned for that day here in the greater L.A. Area.  The folks at Shake Out have it all outlined HERE by city or city department what is going on that day.  They even have a list on what you can do that day if you are at home doing it as an individual.

Want to do more?  There is the City of Los Angeles CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) that you can join and learn to help others and yourself in the event of a disaster.

I tend to nerd out a bit on quakes and the earth sciences. I have the USGS recent quakes page bookmarked and it is interesting to see how many tiny quakes we have each day.  You can even follow our recent quakes on twitter.

Finally, I stumbled upon this little Urban Myth buster regarding quakes.  Did you know its just urban legend that pets can sense a quake coming?

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  1. Oh man! I remember that Northridge earthquake. Thanks for this info. I’ve been meaning to prepare myself more for the next big one. My mom is terrified of earthquakes. She’ll appreciate this.

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