Today in Craigslist: Looking Sickly for Fun and Profit

Bonus points if you look weaker than a small child.

A lot of people in LA are looking for jobs, and today Jezebel picked up on an opportunity right here in our own back yard for any anorexics seeking gainful employment. Well, not “intentional” anorexics, according to the ad. But you know, if you just happened to stumble into your eating disorder by chance, then maybe this gig’s for you.

Probably the most helpful aspect of the ad, in my humble opinion, is handy height/weight chart, lest you be confused about what it takes to be considered adequately “fragile.” From the ad:

for a height of 5’7″ – 90-100lb, 5’8″- 110lb, 5’9″ – 115lb and 5’10” – 120lb

It’s like one of those charts hanging by the scale in the doctor’s office. Science!

5 thoughts on “Today in Craigslist: Looking Sickly for Fun and Profit”

  1. This is both hilarious and disgusting. And yet, I have someone in mind for this job….

  2. Koreans have a different beauty aesthetic than Americans, they like women to be feminine and not outrageously strong and independent.. I don’t see anything wrong with a cultural difference here. It just looks ridiculous to americans cuz they are trying to put their aesthetic in terms americans understand. Hiring women for hostess jobs, etc, on hight/weight ratios is nothing new…

  3. Jean Louis, it looks ridiculous to us because 90 pounds for a 5’7″ woman is in fact medically unhealthy.

    Far be it for me to exercise cultural imperialism, but as someone who is 5’7″ I can say were I 90 pounds I’d need to be hospitalized.

  4. “Stumble into your eating disorder by chance” LMFAO!!! This is great. I enjoy reading your blogs Chris.

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