Please Don’t Take My Mailbox Away

Too late.

Since leaving my outgoing mail by our house’s mailbox isn’t really an option, I’ve been in the old-school habit going on the seven years I’ve lived here in Silver Lake of walking down to the mailbox at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Parkman.

I did just that this morning. Only this time I did a WTF having found not the familiar blue USPS receptacle, but instead just the air and space that the mailbox now no longer occupies, as pictured at right.

It was a small consolation that I timed my trip just right so as to be able to hand off my mail to the postman making his delivers there, and he said this wasn’t the only box in the area to get the hook. With a smile and a shrug he said the closest box still standing (for now) was nine blocks east at Alvarado.


Any boxes missing in your neck of the hoods?

7 thoughts on “Please Don’t Take My Mailbox Away”

  1. Thankfully, the box at Berkeley and Benton is still there. I’ve used that one for three years … guess the cutbacks are showing.

  2. They used to have a mailbox at Bellevue and Occidental, but they got rid of that one a while ago. The one on Bellevue and Silver Lake is still there, right by the truck depot, which used to be a grocery store, I believe.

    1. Regarding the Van Lines building, yeah that used to be a Shop-Rite or something. There was actually a picture of it in a book of LA Modern architecture to illustrate how far down the style had trickled. When site selection for the Silver Lake library was up, the locals pushed this location — but Garcetti told us the Edendale branch was too near.

  3. There used to be one across the street from my house then it went bye bye about 12-18 months ago. There was one on my morning walk route, but it soon disappeared too. Now I save the outgoing mail for the drive-by box at the actual P.O. when going out on errands. Bummer.

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