GTD This Weekend: October

Festive times at Hawaii Supermarket

This weekend: October, already.  A few non-food related festivals (thank God) and a lot of art (thank God).  Oh, and a blessing of the animals (thank the Gods).


  • Still smarting over the loss of Sunset Junction?  Head just a little further east to the 13th Annual Eagle Rock Rock Music Festival, which will feature a great number of great local bands, including Rooney and Flying Lotus.  Hosted by the Center for the Arts, this actually is an independent music fair that, you know, supports the community.  Sunset what?  $5 (suggested).  4pm to 11pm on Colorado Blvd. between Argus St and Eagle Rock Blvd.
  • Get to know your ‘hood with the Found LA Festival, where local residents will show you around on a little tour.  Eric Garcetti leads the tour through Atwater Village (aw); other residents take you through Highland Park, Inglewood, Koreatown, the LA River, among others.  Yeah, there goes the neighborhood.  Free.  9am to the 5pm in your local ‘hood.
  • Not only is it already October, it’s already time for The Brewery’s ArtWalk, a twice annual weekend event at what they call the “world’s largest art complex.”  Over 100 resident artists will show off their work, and you’ll have a chance to talk to the artists and buy their art.  If you miss this chance, you’ll have to wait for another six months to fly by.  Free.  11am to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday at The Brewery, 2100 N. Main Street near Downtown.
  • I don’t think this coffee-fueled car is going to be at the AltCar Expo, which is a shame, but there will be other alternative-fuel vehicles there: the Nissan Leaf, the Prius you plug in, and so on.  I still want that coffee car, though.  Free.  10am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in Santa Monica.
  • When the guys over at Mexicali Taco & Co. announced that they lost their space in a downtown parking lot, thereby depriving us all of wonderful Baja-style meat tacos, quesadillas, and other wonderful concoctions, it was a sad day indeed.  Happily, Mexicali will pop up at The Daily Dose for a night to make up for lost time.  That vampiro is mine.  6pm at The Daily Dose, 1820 Industrial Street in Downtown.


  • For the next six months – just in time for the next Brewery ArtWalk – over sixty museums and cultural institutions will participate in the Getty-sponsored Pacific Standard Time.  Each of the participants will have their own unique contribution to celebrate the birth of the city’s art scene, covering every major movement from 1945 to 1980.  It starts on Saturday, but on Sunday, you can see everything for free.  See the website for participating locations.
  • At the West Hollywood Book Fair, you can not only check out all the books, you can literally check out all the books: located right outside the city’s gorgeous new library, you can catch Meredith Baxter, Julie Newmar, and Kevin Sorbo talk about their respective books at the fair, then head into the library to view it in all its glory.  Free.  10am to 6pm at the West Hollywood Library and West Hollywood Park, 647 N. San Vicente Blvd. in West Hollywood.
  • I’m not a church person, but who doesn’t love a good animal blessing?  All Saints Church in Pasadena holds its Blessing of the Animals Day in which your dog, your cat, your turtle, a photograph of any of the above, or a representative stuffed animal will be blessed enmasse.  Cesar can’t fix everything, you know.  Free.  Arrive by 8:45am to participate in the procession.
  • For a completely different type of procession, see the Trespass Parade, a “galavanting merry band of artists, eclectic musicians, and jack-knifed dancers” that will “literally float through Downtown.”  It’s supposed to be an artistic thing, a “timely display for free speech.”  Yeah, I’m scared too.  Free.  11am starting at Broadway and Washington Downtown.

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