It Caught My Eye: Oh The Irony

Last week I found the above banner installed just south of the Sunset Boulevard Bridge over Silver Lake Boulevard, and this morning when I discovered it torn to shreds, my suspicions were confirmed: It was printed on a material that if not plastic is at least heavily plasticized.

4 thoughts on “It Caught My Eye: Oh The Irony”

  1. I dunno, their logo says “Non-Toxic Revolution”, so maybe they’re only concerned about the toxic effects of using plastic in food and beverage packaging.

    (Of course, if that’s the case, it’s silly of them to show disposable water bottles, since the PETE plastic that disposable water bottles are made of is one of the safest and least toxic plastics currently in use. But, hey, it’s a recognizable image, right?)

  2. You may be right LA MapNerd, but no matter how specific their focus might be, it’s still a facepalmer that the material used to spread their message is made of the product they hate.

    1. Well, if you’re expecting logical consistency from the sort of people who feel it necessary to ‘enlighten’ the rest of us about such things, you’re likely to be disappointed. :-)

      The biggest toxic plastic hazard today is probably the BPA leaching out of the polycarbonate linings on steel cans – especially those containing acidic foods – but I suspect if they put pics of tomato sauce and canned pineapple on their banners, they’d just confuse people. :-)

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