Timelapse: Bridging The Great LA River Bikeway Divide

There’s about eight miles of Los Angeles River separating its bikeways in Elysian Valley and the city of Maywood. Like most normal people you probably haven’t troubled yourself wondering if that entire stretch of riverbed between those two points is navigable by bike. But if you’re like me and my friend Andrew it was time yesterday to see if we could connect those two dots. We did.

A selection of stills from the trek are viewable here on Flickr, most notable among them is the Bicycle Monument installed below the Olympic Boulevard Bridge, the in-water river chair (full functionality proven by Andrew) south of the 10 Freeway overpass, and best of all: the fellow south of the Washington Boulevard Bridge sitting on a utility cable spool reading a newspaper who looked at us as funny as we looked at him. A map of the entire 22-mile-route we rode is here.

Win Tickets to the Eels!

Oh, you know the Eels.  Well, unless you somehow missed the last decade of television and movies, you know them.  They’ve popped up when angst required background music (Chuck, Shrek, probably too many Grey’s Anatomy episodes to count).  It’s angst with a beat, though, and Mr. E’s wonderfully gritty, woeful voice.

The Eels are playing a show next Friday, August 12, at the El Rey, and we’ve got some tickets to give away.  The Submarines – a local band that you may recognize from their many residences at The Echo, or maybe from their anti-capitalist anthem that made it unironically into a few iPhone commercials – will open.   To win tickets to this great show, leave a comment with your favorite Eels song.  Major bonus points if you can name your favorite Eels song used in a movie or television show.  Good luck!

Art from found “porn acetates”, art show and reception Sat. 8/6

Fugue State by Zack Stadel
Fugue State by Zack Stadel, Untitled #02, printer's ink, acetate, masking tape, cardstock

Interesting concept.  Cull old acetates from vintage porn, rework with a little mat board, printers ink and such then voila a new piece of art.  This is the subject of an art exhibit and artists reception I’ve been invited to this weekend. Sounds titillating enough now if I can free up my calender…and be in the Glasell Park area.

Deets:Fugue State – Sat, Aug 6th, 7-10pm – swrve 3421 Verdugo Rd Los Angeles, CA 90065

Personal note explaining the art and inviting me to attend after the jump.

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Today’s Timelapse: Arroyo Seco Creek Bed Ride

It’s not an invalid question to wonder why on earth would one want to pedal the length of the Arroyo Seco Creek bed from the Los Angeles River up under the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena and back. The answer is: why not?

This trek yesterday followed up on our Los Angeles River bed ride last week. My friend Errin biked over from Alhambra and and we literally met up at the Arroyo Seco’s confluence with the LA River before heading upstream about 7 miles to its spillway under the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena and then back. Errin split off by the stables at the top of the Arroyo’s bikeway to head home, and I continued on solo back to the Los Angeles River Center where I started. Trip total: 15 miles.

And in related news (that proves Errin and I aren’t the only freaks fascinated by our forgotten waterways): The Los Angeles Urban Rangers is hosting an LA River Ramble tonight at 7 p.m., meeting at MOCA’s Geffen Contemporary.

Donut Summit 2011 Postmortem: Limerick Edition

Author of winning donut limerick
James P and his Jesus clock award, which keeps both accurate time and your immortal soul

As part of the second annual Donut Summit yesterday at Elysian Park, we continued in the tradition of fine pastry-inspired wordsmithing in the form of haiku and limerick. With more than a baker’s dozen of submissions to the contest, Donut Summit attendees had ample opportunity to savor each other’s images and rhymes. We asked for a show of applause to select from the top three submissions (two haiku and a limerick), and a the limerick entitled The Babysitter by James P won out by just a few confetti-colored sprinkles. Click past the jump for a taste of this delicious fritter.  Continue reading Donut Summit 2011 Postmortem: Limerick Edition

Mohawk Bend Finally Opens Tonight

The sign outside Mohawk Bend on Sunset and Alvarado in Echo Park has promised “Opening soon.  Very soon” for a few weeks now, and I’m very, very excited that it will finally open at 5pm today.  Mohawk Bend comes courtesy Tony Yanow, so if you’ve been to his excellent Tony’s Darts Away bar in Burbank, you’ll know what we can expect here: vegan-friendly eats and a damn great craft beer selection.

The bar is located in an old movie theater, completely rehabbed so what was once the lobby now houses a long bar, communal and non-communal tables, and an open kitchen.  Tony is vegan, so the menu is too (“60 percent vegan, 20-percent lacto/ovo vegetaria, and 20 percent meat” is how the press release describes it).  It’s dinner service only for now, but they hope (as do I) that they’ll start a brunch and lunch service soon.

Most important, though, is that beer.  There are 65 California craft beers on tap, 5 from out of state breweries, and a two-firkin cask system for those of you who are uber-serious about your ales.  And sweet, kind people behind the bar who can patiently explain the differences between an IPA and non-IPA and help you decide which pint(s) to try.

I was lucky enough to attend a preview event of the space two weeks ago and, believe you me, the space and the beer selection is fantastic.  See their photos of the space here, and see you there, soon.

Mohawk Bend, 2141 W. Sunset Blvd. in Echo Park; (213) 483-2337.

The Pinnacle of Donut Summits

Joker Beethoven
Joker Beethoven, Jesus, and Justin Bieber all showed up

How awesome was yesterday’s Blogging.la 2nd Annual Donut Summit? A picture is worth a thousand words, so you can look at the pics after the jump and judge for yourself.

We had enthusiastic attendees (I estimate at least 100). We had the creative Blogging.la crew, especially Alexandra and Lucinda whose production and organization were off the charts. We had expert celebrity judges. And we washed it all down with stellar Intelligentsia Coffee. Yeah, it was something special.
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