I’ve Seen “Blade Runner” Remakes You People Wouldn’t Believe

August 24, 2011 at 6:35 pm in Crime, Driving, Entertainment, Filmmaking/Filmmakers, Media, Movies, Social issues

The number of versions of “Blade Runner“, which had already jumped the shark, has now jumped the Loch Ness Monster: director Ridley Scott plans to make yet another “Blade Runner” movie. It is not yet known whether the new “Blade Runner” will be a sequel, prequel, reboot, or otherwise. Either way, what can Angelenos expect if the new “Blade Runner” is again set in Los Angeles?

In the original “Blade Runner”, L.A. was full of digital video billboards, rain, darkness, squalor, and Asian people. What kind of future dystopic Los Angeles might be represented in the next version of the movie? With a stretch of the imagination, one could envision distracted drivers plowing into each other while texting, a city paralyzed by fear because of one road construction project, rabid sports fans beating each other nearly to death, proposals to ban circumcision of male babies, fast-food burger joints spreading like kudzu, an epidemic of elective cosmetic surgery, … oh wait …..

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