Win Tickets to see 100 Monkeys @ the El Rey on August 25th!!

The band name comes from the idea of the “Hundredth Monkey Effect” in which a learned behavior spreads instantaneously from one group of monkeys to all related monkeys once a critical number is reached. A pretty cool idea about the spread of information if I do say so…

But perhaps they’re more known now for their lead singer Jackson Rathbone (aka Jasper from the Twilight Saga you twi-hards) who’s soothing vocals add to the lovely sounds of their music. Or if there are any ABC Family Greek fans out there (I will forever be part of the I <3 Cappie fan club) Jerad Anderson, the guitarist & back-up vocals singer, played Casey’s underage heartthrob in the episode with all the puppies!

Whatever your reasons are for loving this band, thanks to the awesome guys at Goldenvoice I have a few pairs of tickets to the 100 Monkey’s concert at the El Rey on August 25th to give-a-way to some lucky Blogging.LA readers.  So leave a comment below telling me what/who you’re most excited about seeing & I’ll pick winners on Tuesday August 23rd @ 12PM PST.

And in case you don’t win tickets, you can always buy them here:

11 thoughts on “Win Tickets to see 100 Monkeys @ the El Rey on August 25th!!”

  1. I’ve never been to the El Ray! Please help remedy my lack of LA culture and choose me!

  2. I have been a fan for years..and been to over 20 concerts of have never been to a rock concert until you go to one of theirs…. every time is a unique experience and you never have a dull moment from the minute doors are open..I’m most excited to be on the west coast this time…my first show was a cali show and i havent gotten to go back since but thats all changing as im doing the last 4 shows this time! Im excited to see friends that i know through the fandom and to have an awesome time moving and dancing with the guys during one of the best times you will ever have!!! i will be there regardless but not adding to the amount of money i have spent on the guys touring for 14 shows with them already this tour would be a help! lol

  3. I would love to win tickets! I’ve never seen 100 Monkeys in concert before! I have always wanted to, but never have gotten the chance. I want to see Jackson Rathbone! I have listened to their music and love their new music video “Modern Times”!

  4. It happened the evening of February 19, 2011…

    When I say “it” I am referring to the moment I realized that the 100 Monkeys are not like any other band. “It” also refers to the first time I saw them live. When I first walked into the venue with my cousin, it was packed. I recognized quite a few people from other events (ahem, Twilight related ones) and I knew from that point that the show would not be a dull one. The show went on and proved to be lively, energetic, and quite different than any other show I had been to. What I mean, is that each and every band member surprised the crowd by playing a different instrument almost every song. In this age of music, not many bands can say that they do that. This impressed me immensely! The band made everyone feel welcome and part of a huge family, too. Each member was interactive with the audience, making the crowd really responsive. After the show, as I was on my way home, back to reality, I was truly in awe. This band has grown on me. Even though I have only seen them live twice– once being at the El Rey– I feel that earning the opportunity to see them again and visiting with my extended family will truly be another memorable moment to be cherished. In addition, it is always special when an artist plays in Los Angeles, especially at such a venue as the El Rey — which is something I do not want to miss. I hope you enjoy this little anecdote, and in turn I am enjoying your blog greatly! Thank you again for this opportunity to see a band that just keeps on giving!

  5. I absolutely love the 100 Monkeys and my best friend has never seen them and she is coming into town on 8/23 and I would LOVE share that with her!

  6. I love the El Rey! An awesome old theater in LA. And I absolutely <3 100 Monkeys!! I'm most excited to bring someone NEW to their concerts! I've been to half a dozen shows, and I'm always eager to bring someone new to the Monkey Junkie fold :)

  7. I’ve loved the 100 Monkeys for several years now and am going on my 6th time seeing them. I have been known to drive hours to see them play. I’m so excited to have them back on the west coast because this is their home. Where they started it all. LA being their home base … it would be great to be at the show!

  8. I’ve seen this band play twice in Vancouver, twice in Los Angeles and once in San Diego over the last 3 years. Each member is so talented and every show is different. They really know how to entertain! I have a slight crush on Ben G. and would love to see them again. It’s been over a year! I need a monkey fix.

  9. I have seen the band a few times now and each time they get better and better. They have an energy on stage that makes the music come alive. Most shows that I have been to wear I am shelling out a pretty penny are no where near as fun as the more personal Monkeys shows. I am excited to experience the excitement that comes with every show and seeing the guys that make it happen. There is nothing like an LA show with the Monkeys and it would be amazing to see them perform in the city where they started out.

  10. Singing Shy Water in my head ~ Love to all the Monkey fans. Live in the California High Desert area and would love to go! Thanks jen @TweetMyTwilight

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