ICME: Suck It!

Suck It store in Studio City
pic by me. click to enlargify

I was recently walking down the street in my new Studio City neighborhood (with a Walk Score of about 82, more than 16 points higher than the overall score for our walkable city), and I saw the storefront pictured here.

Suck It.

In terms of visual appeal, I’m a bit torn on whether the suggestive lips dotting the ‘i’ make up for the comic sans used in the taped up signs below. But then, I don’t claim to have any sense of authority on visual aesthetics, so take that comment with a grain of salt.

No, my real concerns with this store name have to do with social semantics. For one, being raised as a Catholic in the Midwest has instilled me with a (perhaps overdeveloped) sense of propriety (and guilt). Seeing a provocatively-named store such as this does brush up against those prudish sensibilities, but having just celebrated my five-year anniversary of moving to LA, I like to think I’ve become worldly enough to move past that old-fashionedness really quickly.

So brushing aside the puritanical argument, there’s another complaint that emerges for me: buzz language. Like the fact that “jumped the shark” has jumped the shark. Or that if you still say “thinking outside the box” you’re not doing it. Is “suck it” a buzz phrase that has already run its course? I’m not sure. But just as surely as I start to feel like a prude when I think of naming a business after a demand for a sexual favor, I start to feel like a square when I think about naming a business using a popular buzz phrase. And with all of the successful businesses I’ve launched (currently 0.0), clearly my thoughts merit consideration.

And I guess that brings me to my final possible complaint: is “suck it” inherently misogynistic? Does it reinforce patriarchal hegemony? Not necessarily, I suppose. But who wants to lose a good excuse to cry foul?

What say you, b.la readers? Is it all in good fun to say “Suck it!” or are those words better reserved for the bedrooms (and internet comment threads and XBOX Live headsets)?

UPDATE: If you like what they’re doing, you can help them get started over at indiegogo.

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    1. Yeah I’ve been a fan of M Street for a while. I believe Travis wrote them up here on blogging.la once upon a time, but I won’t swear to it. The owner/operator is pretty rad and hails from a Midwest city not far from my hometown.

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