Win Tickets to the Eels!

Oh, you know the Eels.  Well, unless you somehow missed the last decade of television and movies, you know them.  They’ve popped up when angst required background music (Chuck, Shrek, probably too many Grey’s Anatomy episodes to count).  It’s angst with a beat, though, and Mr. E’s wonderfully gritty, woeful voice.

The Eels are playing a show next Friday, August 12, at the El Rey, and we’ve got some tickets to give away.  The Submarines – a local band that you may recognize from their many residences at The Echo, or maybe from their anti-capitalist anthem that made it unironically into a few iPhone commercials – will open.   To win tickets to this great show, leave a comment with your favorite Eels song.  Major bonus points if you can name your favorite Eels song used in a movie or television show.  Good luck!

7 thoughts on “Win Tickets to the Eels!”

  1. “Saturday Morning,” track #2 on SHOOTENANNY, because when I was a young kid I impatiently wanted everyone up early for the action. Nearly edged out “God Damned Right (It’s a Beautiful World)” which was played when I danced with my bride at our wedding.

  2. They have so many amazing songs, but one of my favorites is Last Stop: This Town off of Electro-Shock Blues because it always reminds me of my friend Fritz who committed suicide eight years. “What if I was not your only friend in this town/Would you take me where you’re going if you’re never coming back”- Sometimes it feels good to feel sad.

  3. “taking a bath in rust” totally tells the story of my life in Buffalo, NY while I built my plans to move to Los Angeles. I’m now 3 weeks into my life here and I’d love to see this show! I’m unemployed for now, so winning tickets to this would be amazing.

  4. Fresh Feeling is my favorite Eels song. My favorite song used in a movie is Beautiful Freak played during a reflective moment in Hellboy 2.

  5. Man, that’s a hard one…there’s so many great songs. Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues ranks up there, most definitely. “My Beloved Monster” is great, and was used in Shrek, but personally, I prefer “Lucky Day In Hell”, which was used in Scream 2. The kicker, however, would definitely be “Beautiful Freak”, and it’s usage in Hellboy 2 (and Monster’s Inc.). So in the end…Beautiful Freak, and Hellboy 2 take the cake for Eels songs as used in movies.

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