Today’s Timelapse: Arroyo Seco Creek Bed Ride

It’s not an invalid question to wonder why on earth would one want to pedal the length of the Arroyo Seco Creek bed from the Los Angeles River up under the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena and back. The answer is: why not?

This trek yesterday followed up on our Los Angeles River bed ride last week. My friend Errin biked over from Alhambra and and we literally met up at the Arroyo Seco’s confluence with the LA River before heading upstream about 7 miles to its spillway under the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena and then back. Errin split off by the stables at the top of the Arroyo’s bikeway to head home, and I continued on solo back to the Los Angeles River Center where I started. Trip total: 15 miles.

And in related news (that proves Errin and I aren’t the only freaks fascinated by our forgotten waterways): The Los Angeles Urban Rangers is hosting an LA River Ramble tonight at 7 p.m., meeting at MOCA’s Geffen Contemporary.

5 thoughts on “Today’s Timelapse: Arroyo Seco Creek Bed Ride”

  1. Nice video, looking forward to seeing more. (Though the Arroyo Seco isn’t exactly a forgotten waterway!) :)

  2. Woo-hoo!

    Now you have set the bar higher. Thanks to you, I tried riding the Arroyo Seco beyond the bike path last year. Not bad, rough and a little wet, but very do-able. I loved the parts when you rode in the middle of the channel, and didn’t slip once! Awsomeness.

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