Donut Summit 2011 Postmortem: Limerick Edition

Author of winning donut limerick
James P and his Jesus clock award, which keeps both accurate time and your immortal soul

As part of the second annual Donut Summit yesterday at Elysian Park, we continued in the tradition of fine pastry-inspired wordsmithing in the form of haiku and limerick. With more than a baker’s dozen of submissions to the contest, Donut Summit attendees had ample opportunity to savor each other’s images and rhymes. We asked for a show of applause to select from the top three submissions (two haiku and a limerick), and a the limerick entitled The Babysitter by James P won out by just a few confetti-colored sprinkles. Click past the jump for a taste of this delicious fritter. 

I once had a cute babysitter

Whose perfume smelled just like apple fritter

She came over one day

While my folks were away

And she smelled so delicious I bit her.

Congratulations to James, and thanks to our runners-up and all other poetry contributors.

Two of our haiku-writing runners-up, and Ellen
Two runners-up (and a straggler)

4 thoughts on “Donut Summit 2011 Postmortem: Limerick Edition”

  1. It was an honor to participate, and a great surprise to win! I will forever cherish my own personal Jesus clock. Donut summit was an awesome experience and it was great meeting everyone!

    By the way, you should post the runner-up haikus–they were really good. I think I only won because I had my extended family there to cheer for me.

    1. Yeah I wish I would’ve grabbed their poems, but they’re lost now :-(

      It’s definitely nice that you brought family though – bringing in visitors from Agoura Hills, San Francisco, and Orange County, you earned your trophy ;-)

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