Timelapse: Donut Summit

Well, hell yeah: Blogging.la put the DO in donut again with its second annual Donut Summit, taking place in Elysian Park this afternoon. I’m a bit light on most of the details like winners and such, but I do know there was an awesome turnout, an amazing array of excellent donuts to taste, along with games to play and poetry to enjoy. Coveted frosted golden-donut trophies were given out for a variety of donut categories (included the California Donuts Chocolate Chip Bar I submitted that won Best Chocolate Donut) as determined by the eaters and this year the event also welcomed an esteemed panel of foodie experts who voted Stan’s Doughnuts of Westwood its Judge’s Favorite (Stan’s peanut butter-filled chocolate donut is just simply an amazing and inspired confection).

While most of my timelapsing comes from a POV of the front of my bike as I pedal whereever I go, but for Donut Summit 2011 I decided to memorialize the bulk of the afternoon by setting up the cam overlooking our stomping grounds, condensing roughly the three hours between 1:30 and 4:30 p.m. down to about six minutes of donuttiness. Hope you enjoy.

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