Donut Summit 2011: THE WINNERS!

There will be more post-Summit posts (with lots of photos!) to come, but first, a few thanks, and then the winner!

Thank you to the whole team here at Blogging.LA who helped put together a fabulous Donut Summit, and also to our friends and family who helped out at the event as honorary Donut Marshalls!

Thank you to everyone who came and made the event a HUGE success.  We had about 55 entries in total, from donut shops all around LA county, and we want to thank everyone who came and contributed to the donut feast.  YOU made this event awesome!

Thank you to our celebrity judges, Jenn, of JustJenn Designs; Shelley, the Frygirl; and Billy, the 99 Cent Chef, for sharing your donut expertise!

Thank you to Intelligentsia, our coffee sponsor, for providing delicious iced coffee to temper the sugar shock of SO MANY DONUTS.

And now…the winners!

Donut Summit 2011
Golden Donut Awards! Courtesy of Frazgo


Best Raised Donut:  Monterey Donuts (5930 Monterey Rd, Highland Park)

Best Cake Donut:  Philippe’s The Original  (1001 North Alameda Street)

Best Donut Filling:  The Donut Man’s fresh peach-filled donuts (915 E Rt 66 Glendora)

Best Fritter:  Earl’s Donuts (20429 Devonshire St, Chatsworth)

Best Frosting or Glaze:  Monterey Donuts

Best Chocolate Donut:  California Donuts’ Chocolate Chip Bar (3540 W 3rd St)

Most Visually Appealing:  California Donuts

Most Unconventional:  Homemade vegan donuts, baked and brought by Jill Rogers

Roundest Donut: Philippe’s the Original

Worst Overall:  Tang’s Donuts (4341 W Sunset Blvd)

Best Vegan Donut:  The Righetous Fryers

Judges’ Choice Award:  Stan’s Donuts’ peanut butter-filled (10948 Weyburn Ave)

Best Overall Donut – THE 2011 DONUT KING: Babycakes (130 East 6th Street)

7 thoughts on “Donut Summit 2011: THE WINNERS!”

  1. It was so awesome to see Philippe’s not only represented but win! Thanks to LA Eastside’s Al for bringing the unbeatable pleasures of a simple cake donut.

    1. Yup…Donut Man rocks, his Peach Filled were awesome, having to fill them yourself was just half the fun as playing with food is so primal.

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