Juuust In Time For Donut Summit: Chowhound Controversy!

July 30, 2011 at 5:11 pm in Donut Summit 2011, Events, Rants

So a Chowhounder whose screename is “kauma” posted a topic earnestly titled “Donut Summit: Who’s Going?” yesterday. It and the ensuing short if surprisingly snarky and dismissive comment thread was discovered and passed on by one of my fellow B.la contributors.

When I checked it out I found the first commenter, “Mattapoisett in LA” who decided to get critical equating a few typos found in one of our posts as somehow indicative of a lack of organizing skills. His skills at spotting mistakes was promptly applauded by “kauma.” Then commenter “sushigirlie” responded to that saying it seemed “pretty telling that they couldn’t get the donuts shops to donate donuts.”

In defense of the awesomeness of tomorrow’s event and the triple-deckered phenomenality of everyone here at Blogging.la who’s chipped in and pitched in to put this thing on, I posted what I considered to be a fair and untrollish rebuttal, replete with wink at the end in the form of a typo-laden twist on a biblical reference, because, yeah, that’s how I roll. Sometimes.

Checking back awhile later to see if anyone responded I found something magical must have happened because my comment was nowhere to be found in the thread. A dubious poof: had it been a posting failure on my part or had someone in that thread closed to opposing points of view (and/or snarkily cliché’d twists on bible quotes) intentionally deleted it?

So I decided to re-post, trying to get as close as I could to my original thoughts. After it, too, successfully posted, I took a screencap (after the jump; click it for enhanced readability).

chowhound screencap

Well, wouldn’t you know when I checked back a few minutes ago, my second comment was also axed.

You can read it all there at the bottom of the image… no expletives, no insults. Just a congenial interest in shedding a little history on the event to counter “sushigirlie’s” tellingly point-missing assumption, and closed with an easy-going parry to the thrust of “Mattapoisett in LA’s” all-to-narrow assessment that typos are a be-all/end-all indicator of how smoothly things will go.

Yet someone somehow found a way to find it offensive and execute it. The question might be less “who did it?” and more “who gives a shit?” But I’ve gotta tell you if it’s uptight chickenshit delete key stompers like this that are finding stupid excuses to avoid Donut Summit, the farther away they stay the better. More donuts for those of us who know a good thing, nothing but hurt donuts for them.




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