7 thoughts on “ICME: McDonald’s Salad, Topped with Racial Stereotypes?”

  1. Burns, it would help if the image were embiggenable, but in lieu of that I think I can make out that some tagger’s climbed up and sprayed the word “racist” in the middle of the board below the headline. But with my failing eyesight it might also be “rycrisp.”

  2. Yup, you need to look really close to see it was tagged “racist”. DK the taggers intent, was it to besmirch McDonalds or something else. I can think of a lot of other things to tag that billboard with other than “racist”.

  3. Perhaps the tagger had a problem with the use by McDonald’s of the word “harmony”, and its implication that “harmony” is somehow Asian, the Yin and the Yang and that sort of thing? If so, then obviously the marketing attempt by McDonald’s backfired here, in which case I’d say this is delicious irony, made for us.

  4. Ah. Now I see the connection between “harmony” and “Asian salad.” Still doesn’t seem racist to me. Potentially poor marketing, but not racist.

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