The Second Annual Blogging.LA Donut Summit: BRING IT.

Lemur Eating a Donut

With the donutpocalypse rapidly approaching, we all know you don’t want to be left holding your crullers. So tell us, dear readers: which donut shops will you be passing by on your way to this summer’s hippest event? Here’s a brief list of some of the places we hope to see represented:

  • Randy’s Donuts (Inglewood)
  • Dale’s Donuts (Compton)
  • DK’s Donuts (Santa Monica)
  • Kindle’s Donuts (Westmont)
  • Donut King II (Gardena)
  • The Donut Hole (La Puente)
  • Tasty Donuts (West Hollywood)
  • Bob’s Coffee and Donuts (Farmer’s Market)
  • Stan’s (Westwood)
  • Angel Food Donuts (Long Beach)
  • WenDy’s Donuts (Venice)
  • California Donuts (Mid-City)
  • Spudnuts (Canoga Park)
  • Primo’s Westdale Donuts (West LA)
  • Gladstone Donut House (Pasadena)
  • SK’s Donuts (Mid-City)
  • King’s Donuts(Alhambra)
  • Royal Donuts (Westchester)
Planning on stopping by any of these places? Have another place you’re going to hit instead? Let us know in the comments.

9 thoughts on “The Second Annual Blogging.LA Donut Summit: BRING IT.”

  1. Don’s Donuts where Washington Blvd. and Washington Place merge (on the border of Mar Vista and Culver City) in the same shopping center as the 99¢ Store (about one mile east of the Costco in Marina del Rey. These donuts are excellent. The owner uses good quality donut flour (not the crap they use in the supermarkets, etc.) and you can taste the difference. I love the maple bars. It’s just a small walk-up window which is how all of the best donut shops are.

  2. Poor poor lemur, all that chewing for so little progress. I have a feeling we’ll be doing a better job on Sunday.

  3. Unless I’m hugely motivated to go to Westchester’s Royal Donuts on Saturday so that I can bring day-old versions of their amazing apple fritters to the Summit, you can scratch that closed-Sunday place from the list.

    Any donut shop that’s closed Sundays is dead to me and should be automatically DQ’d from the contest, but I guess that’s mainly because I’m just a bitter, bitter Royal Donuts fan.

    So Iinstead I’ll probably bring some Chocolate Chip Bars from the Koreatown California Donuts and dream of there being a Most Decadently Chocolatized Donut category, because those bars would certainly be a finalist.

  4. Seriously you guys–someone has to go to Stans!!!!! Their PB&J filled last year was so freaking full of awesome that it brought tears to my eyes. Or maybe that was just some sort of glucose-overdose symptom, but still.

  5. Sunday can’t come quickly enough for me as the year-long sting from missing out in 2010 will finally (!) subside. As penance, I’m coming strong, folks: OG Applesauce doughnuts from the last remaining Mrs. Chapman’s Angel Food Shop in the LBC and, enticingly, a true secret dozen sourced from a place not mentioned last year, this year nor anywhere. Ready yourselves, fellow Dougnutters!

  6. I’m bringing THE BEST donuts in 90042. Monterey Donuts on Monterey Road in Hermon. All donuts are good. But theirs are even better.

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