Red light cameras in LA may go the way of the DoDo.

Yahoo…it may happen and it won’t be a minute too soon in my book.  A commission has looked at the red light cameras as decided they cost more than they get in revenue and too many drivers are getting nailed with tickets even while making a legal right on red turn.  According to the report they could go away as early as this weekend if the city council approves…call your councilman and give them the nudge.  OF course we still have to hear from the camera owners who reap in the bulk of the money from these cameras who probably won’t be too happy to see them go away.  It will be interesting to see what they do to coerce convince the council to keep them in operation.

Hat tip to KTLA for greeting me with this wonderful news when I turned on the tube for news this morning.  Their news bit HERE.

One thought on “Red light cameras in LA may go the way of the DoDo.”

  1. It could get worse, before it gets better.

    There is a bill in Sacramento, right now, which if not vetoed by the governor will
    allow cities to reduce posted speed limits by 5 mph, even on streets with a
    great safety record. The lower limits will allow them to shorten yellows. The
    shortening permitted by a 5 mph decrease in the speed will increase red light
    camera ticketing by at least 50%. (Four of the sponsoring cities have red light
    cameras.) Worse, the shortening will increase severe accidents, by 30 to 40%.
    (Source: “Development of Guidelines for Treating Red-Light Running,”
    Texas Transportation Institute, pg 2-20.)

    It is AB 529, by Asm. Gatto (Glendale), and it is going to Gov. Brown for signature – or veto.

    Californians need to defeat this bill. Phone the governor, at 916 445-2841, ask him to veto it. It takes no more than 3 minutes per call. And then phone the AAA, and your union, and ask them to oppose the
    bill. To the pro-camera anti-car people, and the cities thinking of supporting
    this bill for more camera tickets and the money they will bring in: Before you
    support this bill, try to remember that it will increase severeaccidents, a lot.

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