The donuts are coming!!! Donut Summit FAQ, 2011 edition

Are you excited for the Donut Summit yet? WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR THE DONUT SUMMIT!!! And so are the lovely folks at LA Weekly and Flavorpill, who were both so kind as to give us a shout out.

With the Donut Summit just a week or so away, on July 31, we wanted to address a few oft-asked questions about the ins and outs of the Donutocalypse:

1.  What will happen at the Donut Summit?
It’s going to work a little something like this:

– The festivities kick off at 2pm. So, from about 2-2:30, we’ll have Donut Registration. Just show up with your Donuts, check in with our illustrious bloggers, and we’ll make sure your donut box is clearly labeled with the name of your donut shop.

– Once everyone’s donuts are registered (so, by about 2:30), donut tasting will begin and will last until about 3:30. We’ll have donut tasting stations set up, and we’ll provide you with a ballot for voting on your top donuts. Be prepared for a DONUT FEEDING FRENZY!  Hand sanitizer and napkins will, naturally, be provided to deal with the ensuing stickiness.

– Once all of the ballots are submitted, we’ll tally the votes! While vote tallying is going on, you lucky people get to hang out with Metbloggers, and there will be fun and games!  Rumors have been flying about donut pong, donut bingo, and, after the outstanding success of last year’s donut haiku contest…donut limericks!

– At around 4:30, after tallying your votes and consulting with our expert judges, we’ll crown the Donut King!
(Please note that all times listed above are approximate and subject to change!)


2.  Where is the Donut Summit?
In Elysian Park, in picnic area 6, near the intersection of Elysian Park Drive and Chavez Canyon Road.  We’ll be in the are close to Grace E. Simons lodge, which has free parking available.  Hey, look, a map!

View Donut Summit, 2011! in a larger map

3.  Where should I bring donuts from?

Anywhere! From Winchell’s to Spudnuts to Stan’s to your own kitchen – it’s all fair game. Last year, we put together a short list of local donut shops to give you some ideas, but don’t feel restricted to that list.

4.  How many donuts should I bring?
One dozen per party, please!

5.  What’s going to happen to any leftover donuts?
While we would have liked to donate any leftover donuts to a local food bank or soup kitchen, we haven’t been able to find any local organizations that are willing to deal with perishables (but if any of you, dear readers, do know of a local charity who might be interested, please let us know). So any extra donuts will be sent home with Donut Summit attendees in donut doggie bags, so you’ll have breakfast for the week! And there are lots of tasty things to be done with leftover donuts: you can do donut bread puddingdonut trifledonut french toast, and I, personally, an an advocate of the refried donut – just throw a stale donut into a non-stick pan and the inside will get soft and the glaze will carmelize and go crispy, and it will become the most delicious thing in the world.

I am practicing my donut-eating skills for the Donut Summit RIGHT NOW with an amazing maple old-fashioned from Randy’s.  What are you doing to get ready for the Donut Summit?


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  1. Trust me on this, you haven’t lived until you have had bread pudding made from donuts, its the best. A major sugar high but worth it for the nap you get at the end.

  2. Sounds like a fun event! You have to try M&M donuts from Anaheim. Their blueberry donuts are to kill for.

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