Mayor Tony Explains It All For You

Above is a new YouTube clip out of Villaraigosa’s office titled “Building A 21st-Century Transportation System For Los Angeles,” which primarily features the mayor talking to various cameras and groups. He’s seen in front of  the Congress of Mayors in DC. He’s talking to another group about how important the 405 diamond lane is. And apparently in his City Hall office he’s talking to a camera and outlining what he hopes will be his legacy in getting Los Angeles moving mass transportationally in the coming years. To emphasize his dedication to that goal he valiantly proclaims that he’s ever-ready to fly to Washington at even the slightest whiff of federal funding… since there’s just so little here in town for which he’s needed.

Snark (mostly) aside, it’s a decent presentation with good ideas and information, but unfortunately the clip’s bookended by a couple head-shakingingly poor choices.

As shown above, the first thing viewers are greeted with before they press the play button is a YouTube 101 fail; a screen-still* of Villaraigosa taking a nap closed-eyed during an interview — an image that’s safe to project only if you’re a hypnotist or a sleep disorder specialist.

At the other end of the video is this closing image is shown at right, subtitled to indicate the mayor is inside that LAFD helicopter taking off on a purported survey of the work being done on the 405 (click it for slight embiggenation).

*In case Villaraigosa and/or his YouTube team has wised-up and gone back and selected a less-somnolent alternative — which is always an editing option — I’ve posted a screengrab of His Drowsiness after the jump.

Well, maybe he is in there commandeering fire department resources at taxpayer expense to head for a fly-by of the Sepulveda Pass. For all I know maybe he’s heading over to Walls ‘R Us to choose the barrier he’s so eager to build in front of the Mayor’s mansion in Hancock Park. Or hell, maybe he isn’t in there at all. But that’s not my point, which is that it’s a weak choice of images, one that plays into the perception of his mayoralings being far more caption than action. Ambiguous footage of a helicopter lifting off from City Hall East is just never going to be as dynamic as footage of Villaraigosa with his wingtips on the dirt and his head under a hardhat as he observses the demolition of the Mulholland Bridge.

Am I nitpicking the hell out of this? Damn right. But he makes it soooo easy.

Building A 21st-Century Tranzzzzzzzzzzzz