Carmageddon Really IS Non-Carmageddon

Hmmm.  Earlier this week I posted a ‘rumor’ that the 405 wasn’t closing.  Well, it IS closed, but the traffic all around it is moving just fine!

I just drove to Ojai for the day and I zipped up the 101 right past the 405.  Not even a slowdown!

And last night and this morning, the city of LA is quiet, quiet, quiet.  Seems everyone really IS out of town or hibernating.  It’s kind of nice.  Seems like a normal city.

Perhaps we are the most normal city in the world! Everyone emulates us.  And personally, I think we have the best life-style on the planet! Viva Los Angeles!
And hell, Viva Carmegeddon! It’s tamed this puppy!

6 thoughts on “Carmageddon Really IS Non-Carmageddon”

  1. Well, it’s like that now…but all we need is everyone reading or hearing that there’s no traffic to give up their plans and decide to take their car out.

    I’ve been reading people online pointing to the lack of traffic and saying that “carmageddon” was overblown. If there’s no traffic, then it means that the messages worked.

  2. Its quiet as everyone bailed for Las Vegas this weekend. Seems like the entire city was heading to LV at noon yesterday and the traffic the whole way wa horrendous. Maybe it was all the carmageddon specials offered by the LV hotels got everyone to head out? (For the record…am here for a basketball tournament with my youngest, not that i bailed to avoid the whole 405 thingy).

  3. Getting back and forth in the Santa Monica area today was a pleasure. Lightest traffic I’ve seen since New Year’s Day. I crossed over the 10 twice, and normally it would have been bumper to bumper going west toward the beach during the first cross and going east on the 2nd cross. Both times, the 10 was nearly empty.

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