Win Tickets to Soundgarden and The Mars Volta at the Forum

Sure, it’s no Cinnabon, but Soundgarden’s show at The Forum next Friday is bound to be rockin.

Soundgarden was one of my favorite bands as a teenager. I plagiarized some of their lyrics in one of the first poems I ever wrote. The first band t-shirt I ever wore, which I stole from my older brother, was from their Superunknown tour circa ’94/95. I felt like a rock star when all the other kids in the 8th grade kept asking what the logo—a superman symbol with a ‘?’ in place of the ‘S’—meant. A couple years later, the song “Pretty Noose” was on repeat in my head the first time I ever ate mushrooms.

Now has the chance to make one lucky reader feel like a rock star with a free pair of tickets (mushrooms not included) to see Soundgarden and The Mars Volta play next week here in LA:

KROQ presents
The Mars Volta
Friday July 22, 2011
The Forum
Show time: 8:00pm
Door time: 6:30pm
Age: All Ages+
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For a chance to win, tell us about a Soundgarden (or The Mars Volta) memory in the comments section by 12noon on Tuesday, July 19th. Bonus points if you’ve plagiarized any of their lyrics for bad teenage poetry.

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  1. I can honestly say that Chris Cornell has been my one and only full-on rockstar crush over the span of my 31 years here on Earth, and Soundgarden the emblematic soundtrack of my life. My life changed forever that fateful day I heard “Black Hole Sun” for the first time, streaming out of a tiny boom box in my best friend’s camper in her backyard, our summer-long hangout/sleepover spot. I was 14 years old and had never heard such a unique, soul-piercing voice. That afternoon I went to our local record store and purchased the album that would forever seal my fate as a brooding, sullen teenager – “Superunknown” – and devoured it in a night, pouring over the jacket pics and lyrics as though memorizing and absorbing each lyric was crucial to my understanding of the world.
    It was not long before I was looking for rare B-sides, combing back through the catalog – “Badmotorfinger” and “Louder than Love” were particular favorites, not to mention the “Temple of the Dog” project – and waiting to hear news of a tour date in the Cleveland area that I could drag my friends to go see. I remember there was a picture in Spin Magazine of Chris with his dark tousled hair and piercing blue eyes that I spent two days copying with charcoal pencil and the deepest, brightest blue pencil I could find (the picture’s still hanging in my childhood room today).
    When I was going through the deepest throes of my longest crush (four years and my best male friend), I turned to “Down on the Upside” for answers to our relationship. One feverish night I remember writing out the words to “Burden in My Hand” and methodically connecting them, thesis-like, to my blind devotion and his brooding rejection of my love.
    It was a crushing blow when Soundgarden announced their break-up before I even had a chance to see them ever in concert (I had just gotten my driver’s license and was already daydreaming about driving to one of their concerts). And though I continued to follow Chris’ musical career with enthusiasm (I bought the “Great Expectations” soundtrack for “Sunshower” without ever having seen the movie) and have been fortunate enough to see him in concert, I always felt as though I was missing a piece of the puzzle for never getting the chance to see Soundgarden live – to put it more eloquently and appropriately, it felt ‘just like suicide.’ When I learned that Soundgarden had reunited, I felt like it was my second chance to fulfill that dream of 15 years ago – to relive the glorious and bittersweet brooding anguish I channeled through their music and continue to cherish all of the memories intertwined.

  2. The first time I ever heard Soundgarden was their video “Loud Love” on Headbanger’s Ball back in 1989 or 1990. That was also when I was starting to get into progressive rock (don’t judge me!), so I thought they were pretty cool, but heavier and not as progressive as I was into at the time. It wasn’t until I heard “My Wave” a few years later that I really got into them. Matt Cameron’s drum solo in 5/4 over the guitar vamp in the middle of the song blew my mind. To me, they were unquestionably the most talented of the grunge bands.

  3. First time I ever saw The Mars Volta was at the All Tomorrow’s Parties music festival in November of 2003. I was 17. The Queen Mary and the surrounding lawn and parking lot was transformed into the best music festival I had ever attended (no offense Coachella, I just cant afford you). De-Loused in the Comatorium came out a few months before and had completely changed my life. I had never heard such amazing music. My mother allowed me to attend ATP because I was going with my best friend and her boyfriend who seemed like a respectable member of society in her eyes. The Mars Volta was the selling point of the entire festival for us. They performed at the outdoor stage overlooking the water, it started raining right before they went up and stopped just as they began to play. It felt like something out of a movie. Like the heavens parted and God told Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez to just break it off and play their little hearts out. And they did.

  4. At some point in my teenage years, I was visiting family in New Orleans and we were at the mall record shop (remember those?). They had the guitar transcription book for Superunknown but the store had closed by the time I decided to buy it. I think I cried. So when I finally found that book at a music store back home I snatched it right up. I had no idea they used so many alternate tunings. It’s been a great influence for me to think outside the box and not use the same old chord voicings over and over again. Not to mention I now do a mean acoustic version of the title track in DADGBD.

  5. I know I can’t win…….but my best memory was being at their last show in LA (I think) at the Universal Amphitheater. it was about 1 or 2 months before they broke up.

  6. The first time I saw The Mars Volta, it was at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago mere weeks after the release of Amputechture. They opened with a cover of Pink Floyd’s Interstellar Overdrive. I believe this was the first time they had ever played this live. They played an awesome jam after The Widow that was an early version of what would become the song Old Money on Omar’s 2009 solo album. This was followed by a rare performance of the song Frances the Mute. Later in the set, they played another song for the first time ever live called Rapid Fire Tollbooth, which is an early version of Goliath that was released on Se Dice Bisonte, No Bufalo. They closed with Roulette Dares. Instead of the slower ending that is used on the studio version of the song, they added what is now the ending of Goliath. This show was played with Blake Flemming on drums who was in the band after Theodore left and right before Pridgen joined. Adrian, Paul, and Ikey were also still in the band at the time. You could tell the band was happy to be playing a solo show instead of opening for an audience that didn’t fully appreciate their music. It was the first concert I ever attended, and to this day it is still the best I have ever seen. I saw them 2 more times after this show, and also saw the Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group once.

    Last summer, I was able to catch the final hour or so of Soundgarden’s headlining set at Lollapalooza. I will be seeing both of these incredible bands again this Saturday at the UIC Pavillion.

  7. I’ve seen The Mars Volta five times now, and each time just gets better and better. If I wait too long between seeing them each time, I start to go a little stir crazy. I think I must need them to breathe properly. One of the greatest TMV shows I’ve ever been to was when the Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group played at SXSW (secretly as the Volta, debuting the new songs). My friends and I got to the venue (a tent in a parking lot) at 2:30 in the afternoon. Around 5pm, the “special guest” for the Omar R-L Group walked into the tent – Cedric Bixler. To say I was stoked is the understatement of the century. When the band starting soundchecking their new material, I swear to God I peed my pants a little. In a good way, of course. The doors opened at 7. Nine amazing Sargent House bands played that night. The Omar Group/Volta came on a little after midnight and got kicked out at 2am. Most amazing day. 12 hours on our feet couldn’t stop us from being front row to see The New Mars Volta Rebirth. :]

    Also, I totally plagiarized their lyrics for a short story I wrote in school once…and I made an A+. Haha, whoops.

  8. I have been a fan of the Mars Volta since they formed and I am barely 18.I recall Deloused in the Comatorium being released when I was in sixth grade and listening to them religiously despite no else at my school having heard of them.After 10 years, five (almost four) LPs, multiple talented line-up changes,one grammy, and 25 Omar solo albums I am yet to see my favorite band live. Whether it was age restrictions or lack of funds, something always kept me from going out, successfully, to see them.

    One of the worse points in my fandom was actually hearing about friends and family I have turned onto the band, going out and experiencing what I heard was “a fucking awesome show.” I have had cousins see them in Vegas and Arizona, and my brother went to the glorious critically acclaimed recordings of the 2005 Wiltern dates in Los Angeles.

    I have come very, very close though. Two years ago I raised enough money to see them at the Hollywood Palladium but as soon as I got the funds I got word the shows were sold out. Now that I have been accepted to and attending UC Davis for a year, money is an issue more now than ever. Although, it should, financial aid doesn’t cover Volta gigs. I would be more than grateful to catch them at the forum because sadly this is also the same situation with the other Volta family bands I have been equally desperate to catch.

    I’m not trying to guilt you guys or give you guys a sob story. I’m just trying to catch what I have heard will be one of the most epic events in my life.

    Peace and Thanks for the opportunity.

    1. As for plagiarizing, I played a cover of Black Hole Sun for a school concert. Half the audience thought it was an original song but that wasn’t my fault. I seriously thought my entire school would have better taste in music.

    2. I got my tickets, because the new and improved Mars Volta that I have been seeing on youtube the past few weeks is exciting me to my core! Because I have my tickets, I really hope you win! Everyone in life deserves a TMV experience that will only change you for the better….I am so excited. The only cherry on the top of my night with The Mars Volta would be if Eddie Vedder came out and sang temple of the dog. Dear God, I would die and go to heaven.

      1. Oh, and soundgarden rules! SO EXCITED TO SEE THE!!! But it was The Mars Volta opening that made me actually buy tickets. Sorry. I just reread my first post, and wanted to add that I love Soundgarden, too! :)

  9. I’ve seen the Mars Volta a bunch of times and they’re always great and I love them a lot but who I would really love is to see is Soundgarden. The closest I’ve come to seeing them live, was when Audioslave played Jimmy Kimmel in I believe 2006. They closed off Hollywood blvd and played on a stage in front of the El Capitan to about a thousand people. They encored with a decent version of ‘Spoonman’ but then I had to suffer through an awful rendition “Killing in the name” with Chris struggling to do his best de la Rocha. It wasn’t pretty. Being such a big fan of his, it was painful to see him trying to rap. Now I’m not saying winning these tickets is going to heal those old wounds. ..but it will go a long way to help.

  10. Dear Chris Corning,

    The first time I saw the Mars Volta was in 2005 at the Long Beach Arena when they opened for System of a Down. I was playing designated driver for my drunk uncle, so I made sure to pick up an adequate amount of cocaine for my sustenance through the night. To prevent the baggie from completely burning a hole through my pocket, I high tailed it to the bathroom once we arrived and made use of most of my stash. I was extremely displeased when I walked out on the floor 30 minutes later to find the Mars Volta beginning their set and not SOAD, but not because I dislike the band. It was because they proceeded to perform an awful series of cacophonic sounds for what felt like hours – completely killing my high when I was REALLY in the mood to get psycho groupie cocaine crazy with Serg. I think I should win tickets to this show because I want to let MV know that they still owe me an eight ball.



    p.s. I later learned that my current girlfriend was also at the show…coincidentally also fighting a battle of Mars Volta vs. the devil’s dandruff.

  11. I remember seeing Mars Volta for the first time at bonnaroo… either 04 or 05 cant remember right now. I had set forth a chemical warfare in my mind. I had to find something to hold onto and just hold on for the next 90 minutes. it was kind of a blur.

  12. They seem to be on autopilot now for this tour. A lot of the singles they played on the Down On The Upside and Superuknown tours are still in rotation minus any actual non-hit songs from those albums. Oh sure you get to hear Beyond the Wheel, Gun, and Ugly Truth every night but what about stuff like Limo Wreck, Head Down, or songs never played like TIghter and Tighter. Soundgarden are the pure definition of lazy. Just look up the word in the dictionary right next to Homer Simpson.

  13. It would be so amazing if I could win, here it goes…

    I have been a Mars Volta fan for countless years. But not once have I ever seen them live :( I would either be out of state or out of money. So this is not really a “memory” of them, but rather how their music has been in my life. My sister introduced me to them when I was younger. They have a sound to them that just keeps me wanting more. That first song got me hooked and changed how I listed to other music and artists. Each of their albums has had their own life, and that’s why I am a big fan of them.

    Keeping it short and simple,
    Monica C. :]

  14. Obviously I’m not as knowledgeable about Chris Corning His real name? or he meant Chris Cornell? or he just can’t spell? :)
    But I think I got a man-crush on Chris. One of the three greatest rock vocalists of all times, I get goose bumps when I hear him sing. And I’m probably in the same place right now as Chris was when he recorded Audioslave. Who ever bags on that album doesn’t know shit.
    Did I mention Chris has a child (a daughter I believe?) at the same school as my son, and I keep hoping I’ll run in to him. Hasn’t happened yet.
    God it would be great to get hooked up with a pair of tickets.


    While the answer may seem obvious at this point, allow me to explain to you how my first SG live show was the end of church for me. I lived in Kansas City, MO and was a member of a Christian church that will go unnamed…screw it “Church on the Rock” (how ironic). I and my Mother had been going there for the duration of my life (I was 13) and was also the drummer for their musical worship team and so I played along with my Mom (Bass player) every Sunday and Wed. I had heard that SG was playing a show near our local college at “Longview Lake” and got VERRRRRY pumped to say the least. So I invited my buddy Jacob from church because he was 16 and could drive. He was pumped as well (or so I thought). Long story short, HE WAS A SNITCH! He went to the head pastor of the church and told him I was inviting the youth group to a “Satanic” Rock Show! So the Pastor had a meeting with me and My Mom and told us that they had decided to punish me for my sins and kick me off the drums because they didn’t want me to bring down the congregation! They then told my mother her services as bass player would still be expected, but that she really needed to monitor her children from going to such filth. My mother basically told them to Kiss The ASS of our entire family and we both left the church never to return…and you wanna know who took me to that concert? My Amazing Mother…And we loved it… :)

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