Non Carmageddon?

405 sign
Fact or fiction?
Is the closure of the 405 going to be postponed?
If this is correct, you heard the breaking news here first!!!
If not, hey rumors are sometimes wishes to the Gods.
Here’s the story:
I got rear ended on the 405 recently. So yesterday, after going through the endless drama of paperwork and details of the accident, my car was ready to be picked up. While at my amazingly fabulous car shop, Saab & Raffi (they fix anything and are really, really excellent… and very reasonable), anyway, while there, I met a guy who worked for the MTA. And he didn’t just say he worked for the MTA…. he was wearing one of their badges. He told me and another woman waiting that the closure had been called off. That they got an email that morning saying it wasn’t ready and that it was delayed indefinitely.

Hmmm. I questioned him intensely. He checked out. And he seemed straight up.
But then again, I’ve read nothing in the news that backs this up. They would have announced it by now. Right?

Or maybe they are just messin’ with us and waiting til the last minute so traffic is a breeze. Who knows?

Rumors like this could just be wishes to the Gods. Just thought I’d pass this little nugget on.

10 thoughts on “Non Carmageddon?”

  1. Since we’re passing out little nuggets, here’s mine: Publishing such a statement from an unnamed source via an apparently coincidental meeting without attempting to verify his authenticity and/or officially get the MTA to confirm or deny what he said, is questionable at best, irresponsible at worst — especially if the motivation is to be able to say it was heard here first.

    1. At least she qualified it as a rumor…to be safe am staying in the SGV this weekend to avoid any problems with traffic in the general direction of the forecast closure. I’ll wait for an official statement from caltrans or the CHP before repeating it.

  2. hey I admit it. I’m a rumor monger!!!!! But the guy DID work for the MTA!!!!! And I couldn’t help but pass this on in case it IS true…. and if it isn’t…. well it was a nice dream.

    1. Tammara, I love a good rumor, but I would hope you could’ve helped pass this along by being curious as to its validity and contacting the MTA for a statement to include with your post. But CLEARLY that’s just me.

  3. There was another closure of the Skirball Bridge scheduled for every night this week and I think that was the one that was postponed, not the major weekend closure. I saw reference to this somewhere in my stream (yeah, I know, how vague) but I had the same thoughts when I was reading that notice, thinking that it had to do with the big closure.

  4. OK: Official MTA response: The 405 is closing this weekend. And it was when I called before I wrote the post…. and yesterday when I called again. But the whole point of the post was that I ran into an MTA employee who swore he had an email that said the whole things was postponed indefinitely!!!! And I thought wow! wouldn’t it be funny if they waited til the last second and didn’t close it just to see how that affected traffic?
    And Douglas, you are correct, the Skirball closure is postponed. So, even though the guy swore it was the whole 405 thing canceled, that was probably what his email was about. But then again, maybe if we all sent energy to the gods and goddesses of our own personal psychic realm we could forestall the closure……?

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