5 thoughts on “Hitler finds out about the 405 closing”

  1. I’ve never found these funny. Maybe I’m just weird, or maybe it’s because the real Hitler was a monster who decimated my family.

  2. I really liked the previous Hitler vids (there was one about him not being able to get the good Springsteen seats he wanted), & was happy to see another one. I can understand the feeling that making light of history’s worst villains is always inappropriate. However, Carol Burnett once said that comedy is tragedy plus time. Charlie Chaplin made fun of Hitler in real time, and Mel Brooks did it about 25 years after the fact in “The Producers”. If a villain is ridiculed in comedy, that’s arguably a method of criticism of him, and maybe even a harsh and effective one at that.

  3. I agree with Matt…it belittles the man and while we shouldn’t/can’t forget what he did, I think ridicule (which is what is accomplished in these parodies) can allow distance so we see the situation more clearly. And we also need to remember that for all that he was evil (in a true sense of the word I think) he was the leader–he didn’t do all the evil himself. The people were willing to be led.
    I think sometimes humor is needed to be able to become objective–and objectivity accomplishes more.
    If the video offends someone, don’t watch it. That is how I deal with things I come across that I find offensive. I select or don’t select–I don’t censor.

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