The Carmageddon Train

North-South Purple Line Extension
The Little Subway That Could

8 days and counting until the traffic apocalypse. The 405 freeway is closing, and millions of people will be cut off from each other. Doomed to stay in their own neighborhood. Forced to eat, shop, and play local. Sure, this bus is free, and so is that other one, and that subway over there.

I used Metro’s trip planner to figure out how to get from the Valley to the Westside by 6:30AM that Saturday. I would have to leave today.

I once read somewhere that the reason the Gold Line is on a runaway course to Texas is because it is easier to get funding for an existing line. OK, fine. Let’s play that game.

Once the Purple Line reaches Westwood, let’s turn North. AND South. A subway connecting the Green Line extension at LAX, Expo Line, the Orange Line busway, and Van Nuys Metrolink & Amtrak.

The Transit Coalition gets it. Are you Carmageddon it?



6 thoughts on “The Carmageddon Train”

  1. Terrific route addition and idea. However finding funding for it will be a task and a half. Don’t think all is well with the Gold Line, the communities involved in pushing that through have resorted to nimby over a new repair yard while a perfectly good one near downtown already exists. Its a lot of nasty local politics slowing down the progress more…was to be in my corner of LA in 2010…now 2015 if they can put the maintenance yard fight aside.

    Until then the closing of a freeway will be mayhem as no real mass transit exists in large enough size and capacity to do us any good.

  2. Dust off your bike, pump up the tires (or borrow a neighbors) and there are a couple options that’d get you from the valley to the westside faaaar quicker than mass transit during the coming autocalypse.

  3. What makes the Gold Line cheap to build isn’t that it’s an existing line; it’s that the county already owns the right-of-way (the old Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe line) and it’s mostly above ground. (Although half of the eastside extension was below ground, both phases of the foothill extension are entirely above ground.) Also, it’s light rail, which is of course much cheaper than the heavy rail used on the Red/Purple Lines.

    I’m all for a Sepulveda Line. It would carry a huge amount of traffic, and would be a very logical extension of the Purple Line, and if done right it would allow for easy transfers to the Expo/Green Lines. (And in a perfect world, the Green Line as well.) But the cost of excavating a tunnel under the Sepulveda pass (I really can’t see how it would be built above ground) is such that we’ll need serious federal dollars, which I really can’t see happening given Congress’s current tendency towards agressive spending cuts.

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