Blogging (in) LA: I Naired My Balls For This?

I Naired My Balls For This?Having been sufficiently worn down by Jack McFarland and Christian Siriano, America has developed quite a taste in recent years for a good sassy gay friend. You know, so long as they can’t get married.¬†On the subject of being gay, sassy, and single in LA, I direct your attention to “I Naired My Balls For This.”

I must admit, upon hearing a friend describe this blog to me, I think perhaps I may have gotten my hopes up a little too high. As in, I was expecting that it might be a blog that has been updated in this calendar year. Not every Blogging (in) LA blog can be a winner, so perhaps this one can offer some lessons on how not to do it.

To start with what is working for this blog, I found the posts (all 8 of them) to be quite funny. The author, Colby, appears to know his subject matter well, and presents the information with that trademark sassy tone we’ve all come to know and love (and expect from every flamboyant gay man we know):

The very first date I went to on in Los Angeles was with a guy that I was fixed up with by a new friend. I will call this little peach “L.A. Guy”. He embodied all that I thought L.A. was as a stereotype. On the phone he suggested PF Changs for dinner. I am a classy lady, and normally I would have suggested nicer accommodations for our first date, but ooooowwweee PF Changs is f*ckin’ good. Just thinking about the Lettuce Wraps makes my mouth. (Mental note: Stop by the Changs after work.)

And yet while he has funny stories to tell that appeal to the prurient interests of readers like me, ultimately the blog’s challenges prove to outweigh its strengths. Probably the single biggest challenge Colby is up against is the temptation to try to pack too much into a single post. With posts running from 2000-4000 words per, it’s just not reasonable to expect that you’ll be able to 1) blog with any regularity and still hold down a job and/or have time to experience things irl to write about or 2) assemble an audience that regularly takes the time to read your posts in their entirety. (My own personal blog has no fewer than 3 loyal readers like this, and I always strive to be respectful of their limited breaks to use the computer in the prison library.)

I suspect that if Colby had broken his posts down into smaller, more frequent posts, he may have found it easier to sustain his desire to share these LA dating stories with the world. As a single, straight 30-something Angeleno, it would be nice to have a blog like this to subscribe to so I could hear what it’s like to actually get some action occasionally in the LA dating scene.

Anyone have a tip on blogs that tell stories of dating life in LA, for better and worse?

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  1. wow this guy’s posts are gargantuan! it’s too bad really because he’s got great flair and the posts are engaging

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