Who’s your pick for Donut King?

Blogging.LA’s second Donut Summit is quickly approaching!  27 more sleeps, if my math is correct! If you haven’t already done so, mark your calendars for July 31st, at 2pm, and join us in Elysian Park for the Donutocalypse.  Admission is one dozen donuts from your favorite local donut shop, which will then be added to the massive donut pool so that everyone can taste donuts from all over town.  This year’s Donut Summit will be even awesomer than last year – we are so excited to have Intelligentsia as our coffee sponsor, and later this week, we’ll be announcing our line-up of celebrity judges!

The Donut Summit was inspired by the huge number of tiny, hole-in-the-wall donut purveying establishments all over the city, and the seeming impossibility of sampling donuts from every one.  Unlike the parts of the country dominated by big donut chains like Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme, Southern California seems to have escaped the reaches of the corporate donut chains.  (Sure, we’ve got Winchells and Yum-Yum Donuts, but neither of those seems to have enough of a market share to choke out the little guys.)  So the Donut Summit is a chance to celebrate LA’s unique (and, yes, sometimes a little sketchy, depending on the strip mall) donut culture and small businesses, and to discover some hidden gems!

I’ve blogged about D.K.’s Donuts before – they were by far the most awesome discovery from last year’s Donut Summit for me, so I will warn you in advance that I will be seriously pulling for them to take home the Donut King crown this year.  D.K.’s, which is in Santa Monica at Santa Monica and 16th,  is probably as hole-in-the-wall-y and unassuming-looking as you can get from the outside, and the interior has also seen better days.  But, seriously, you will not taste better donuts.  Someone in the kitchen there is a donut artiste par excellence, and has created all kinds of varieties of fresh whipped cream-filled donuts, amazing blueberry fritters, maple bacon donuts, and the charmingly odd cream pup that I blogged about here last summer.  Glendora’s Donut Man may have taken home the crown last year with their divine fresh strawberry donuts, but this year I am putting my money on D.K.’s turning into the Little Donut Shop that Could, and taking home that crown.

So, that’s where I’d put my money, but I want to know who else might be a contender!  Comment below and let us know who your pick is for Donut King!

Donut photo courtesy of Sidereal on Flickr.

8 thoughts on “Who’s your pick for Donut King?”

  1. I’m still smarting from having to shut up instead of put up about Royal Donuts’ awesome apple fritter at the first Donut Summit. Leading up to it I had pimped the hole-in-the-wall shop in Westchester as having the best damn apple fritter ever, only to learn the day of the summit that the place is closed Sundays. From here on out, any donut shop that isn’t open seven days a week is dead to me.

  2. Its going to be tough to take the crown from the Donut Man over in Glendora, he’s been at it for years and has that recipe perfected. Perfected without having to jump the shark and put bacon on it just because he could.

    1. “Perfected without having to jump the shark and put bacon on it just because he could.”

      YES!!!! 1000% agree with you, fraz.

  3. Hey, Winchell’s and Yum Yum actually are a chain– they’re owned by the same company, who switches the names on the shops seemingly at random. My local Eagle Rock Winchell’s became a Yum Yum overnight, same staff and management. I asked the manager about it and that’s what she said.

  4. Shh…I want to keep DK’s all to myself!

    I made the trek out to Donut Man not too long ago…it was definitely good, but not as earth shattering as it had been made out to be. Sorry, not worth the gas money in the drive, in my opinion.

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