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Pablo Aya and El Gladiador

Loyal reader Evan commented to suggest we feature Street Gourmet LA as one of our Blogging (in) LA sites, and Evan’s clearly not the only fan. Street Gourmet won LA Weekly‘s Best Food Blog award a few weeks ago. Big ups for that. Stiff competition in this town, where food blogs seem to outnumber political blogs by some substantial factor. Street Gourmet specializes in Latin-American food, covering not just LA but Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and elsewhere. Bill explains the blog’s focus this way:

Why street food? Because it’s profoundly delicious when you arrive at the right place, and it’s the most common dining experience we share among humans. Street food is the first restaurant experience of organized societies.

But really, I’m just a zealous messenger. I’m happy to share the delights and pleasures of a rapturous afternoon at Ensenada’s La Guerrerense, a random Argentine parrilla that will blow your mind, one of the best night’s of my life at a Brazilian temple of north-eastern cuisine right next to a favela,or coming across perhaps one of the best tacos LA has ever tasted.

It’s not just the focus that distinguishes Bill’s blog, however; it’s the writing. He’s an entertaining writer with a voice of his own. Take his most recent post from which this picture is pinched. How can you not want to read a post that begins with this sentence: “I have no idea how we ended up at a torteria made famous by a giant sandwich developed by a luchador (wrestler) after two weeks of relentless, gluttony, but there we were”? And the rest of the post lives up to its opening hook. Bill’s posts are thorough, informative, and fun. Thanks Evan, for the recommendation, and thanks Bill for the great blog.

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